The Elder Scrolls Online Loses Creative Director Paul Sage

Paul Sage, creative director for The Elder Scrolls Online, has quit his job to join Gearbox.

In a somewhat surprising move, Paul Sage, the creative director for The Elder Scrolls Online, left his job this week to join Gearbox. Paul was one of the few public faces of the MMORPG, and his move comes just weeks after the game’s console release.

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Paul Sage Quits


Though it can’t be confirmed, it’s rumored that Paul will be working on the new Borderlands game where his extensive online gaming experience would be advantageous (especially if the game is to incorporate MMO elements).

In an industry where job movement isn’t that uncommon, Paul’s resignation is still a shock to the ESO Community. Along with game director Matt Firor, he’s been the face of ESO since its inception.

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Rich Lambert, the Lead Content Designer for ESO, has replaced Paul as the game’s creative director. Prior to his work at ZeniMax Online Studios (ZOS), Rich worked as a Bethesda Softworks producer. If anyone is capable of taking The Elder Scrolls Online to the next level in terms of content and design, Rich is the guy.

So, congratulations Paul Sage on your new job, and thank you for years of dedication to The Elder Scrolls Online. Gearbox is fortunate to have you, and you’ll be missed (along with your crazy shirts!).

And congratulations to Rich Lambert on your new promotion. The Elder Scrolls Online Community stands behind you, and can’t wait to see you implement your creative vision for the game we know and love.

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