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Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
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Date: April 4, 2015

The Skyrim Fansite celebrates The Elder Scrolls Online anniversary today.

April 4, 2015 marks The Elder Scrolls Online first anniversary. Or does it? When you consider the lengthy Beta testing that went on, and the fact that ESO had not one, but two different early access dates, the game’s beginnings get a little cloudy. Throw in the fact that ESO recently re-branded itself as The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, and that the console release date was pushed from sometime in June 2014 all the way to June 9, 2015, things get really messy.

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The Elder Scrolls Online Anniversary

Perhaps the date’s confusion is why ZeniMax Online Studios (ZOS) has been quiet heralding the game’s first anniversary?

I’m not really sure why there’s been no official hoopla, but players were discussing the lack of official celebration on the  forums here.

Some players like Bloodfang were pragmatic:

You people are so impatient.
(Luckily it’s just the Official Forum this way, the game is thriving everywhere else)
Of course ZOS will write an Article about the 1st year Anniversary.
But not before the 4th April.

We don’t need any crappy mounts, or XP bonuses, or really whatever..
It would be nice if Devs did some event, but that’s it, we don’t need any fluff stupid stuff.

Some like Dekkameron were cheeky:

Maybe they’re holding back information about the anniversary till last minute as a surprise!

This would be in keeping with the formula that ZOS has always used *Cough b2p cough*

Some like dwemer_paleologist were a tad melancholy:

its just wrong to let this go past with nothing happen, just wrong.

And others like LucyferLightbringer were somewhat despondent:

Lack of something so simple and basic as 1 year celebrations, just shows how little we have to look forward to till console launch. Tamriel Unlimited launch should have been on same day as console launch. As it is all the players they got back with relaunch, will be lost due to huge boring no content at all period that is ahead of us.

A year ago this very day, I wrote about the game’s official launch and the journey that awaited all of us in Tamriel. Like many of you, I have to say that my journey has been a blast. I’ve met a lot of wonderful people in-game, and have had many exciting adventures.

So take heart! The day isn’t finished yet, and perhaps ZOS will still acknowledge The Elder Scrolls Online anniversary in some official manner. Regardless, we here at the Skyrim Fansite figuratively pop open a bottle of of our best Black-Briar mead and raise our glasses high in salute to a truly entertaining and exciting game.

So here’s to you, Elder Scrolls Online! Happy one year anniversary 🙂

UPDATE: On April 6, 2015, ZOS posted a blog post on the official site titled: Reflecting On ESO’s First Year. The article was an assemblage of the devs’ fondest memories of The Elder Scrolls Online and a celebration of the game we all love. Good stuff, and a nice remembrance of the game’s anniversary.

the elder scrolls online anniversary

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