Hot Stuff Coming To The ESO Crown Store In July

Sneak peek at the new inventory coming to the ESO Crown Store next month.

Today, ZeniMax Online Studios (ZOS) revealed new items coming to the Crown Store in July. There’s a new pet, new costumes, and a cool new mount just in time for summer.

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Sneak Peek


To kick things off, ZOS is releasing the Frost Mare mount for a limited time in the cash shop. We first wrote about the Frost Mare a few weeks back, and you can read the full article here.

As we previously mentioned, this is one of the more unusual mounts in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Frost Mare looks to be carved from a solid block of ice, so there’s no need to crank the AC when riding this cool horse across Tamriel in the sweltering July heat.

The Frost Mare will be sold from July 2nd through July 7th at 10AM EDT/4PM CEST.


ZOS won’t be releasing a big cat to ride this time around, but cat lovers take heart. The Abecean Ratter Cat is being sold in the cash shop. This marks the second cat pet being made available for ESO fans fond of felines (try saying that five times fast).

The Abecean Ratter Cat will be sold in late July.

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It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a new costume pack in the Crown Store (the last being the New Ordinator pack released in early May). With the Ashlander Costume Pack, players will receive the travel and hunting clothes of the Mabrigash tribe, along with Kagesh armor. Morrowind’s nomadic Ashlander tribes never looked so good.

The Ashlander Costume Pack will be sold in late July.


In what is sure to be a big hit, ZOS will sell the wicked-looking Evening Dress in the Crown Store. Role players from Rivenspire to Shadowfen are sure to add this bit of clothing to their inventory (not to mention Vampires and players who simply want to look mahvelous dahling).

The Evening Dress is the second frock to be released, and will soon join the Wedding Dress in the Crown Store.

The Evening Dress will be sold in late July.

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