ESO Holds First Ever Crown Store Sale

Get ready for 50% markdowns in the upcoming ESO Crown Store sale.

ZeniMax Online Studios (ZOS) has announced a special 50% off sale on certain items in the ESO Crown Store. This sale coincides with the limited-time release of the Black Panther mount.

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Crown Store Sale

This first ever Crown Store sale takes place from May 21st at 10AM EDT through May 26th at 10AM EDT.

All items will be marked down by 50%. Once the sale is over, the items will be removed from The Elder Scrolls Online cash shop for the time being.

The following items will be available for sale:

  • Blacksmith
  • Chef
  • Dapple Gray Palfrey
  • Gray Yokudan Charger
  • Bantam Guar
  • Striated Pony Guar
  • Argonian
  • Breton
  • Dark Elf
  • High Elf
  • Khajiit
  • Nord
  • Orc
  • Redguard
  • Wood Elf
Crown Store Sale
The Gray Yokudan Charger is one of many Crown Store sale items.

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