Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Content Type: Gaming News
Date: June 15, 2015

Tonight’s E3 trailer showcased The Elder Scrolls Online new content.

It’s been a busy evening tonight at the Bethesda E3 2015 Showcase. Along with The Elder Scrolls Legends and Fallout Shelter reveals (who could have guessed Bethesda was going mobile?), the company exhibited a brand new Elder Scrolls Online trailer.

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The Elder Scrolls Online New Content

In the video, we’re given a taste of The Elder Scrolls Online new content — namely the Imperial City and Orsinium. ESO fans have known for sometime that this new content was coming, but the spectacular footage really helped to build excitement and display the new areas waiting to be explored and do battle in.

The Elder Scrolls Online new content trailer is coming hot off the heels of the Xbox One and PS4 game release. As of now, there’s no official launch date for the Imperial City and Orsinium DLC. Stay tuned!

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