Elder Scrolls Online Imperial City: What We Know So Far

Imperial City

New information regarding The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial City PvP zone was revealed at QuakeCon 2014.

Earlier this evening at QuakeCon 2014, Brian Wheeler (Lead PvP Designer for The Elder Scrolls Online) gave an overview of the game’s upcoming Imperial City PvP zone. The zone will feature:

  • Unique bosses and mini bosses
  • Impressive loot and rewards
  • Different districts to do battle in
  • Craftable Imperial Daedric gear

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The Imperial City PvP zone takes place in the center of Cyrodil and features various Districts. These Districts include:

  1. Arena (overtaken by Daedra)
  2. Arboretum
  3. Market (Alliances can fight to gain control over)
  4. Temple District (players try to stop sacrifices)
  5. The Crossroads (zone with new monsters)
  6. A unique “starter location” for each Alliance (safe zone).

In general, players will attempt to rid the Imperial City of Molag Bal’s Planemeld, clear out enemy players, and capture and hold different city Districts.

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With a nod to Oblivion, the Imperial City can be entered via one of three sewer entrances. Wheeler indicated that there will be lots of PvP action, with players camping the entrances. Once inside, players will begin in their Alliance’s starter location (a safe zone). From there, players can traverse the Imperial City by way of interconnected sewers. The Crossroads (the district where the sewers meet) will feature impressive new monsters that will offer players opportunities to gain experience and rewards.

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