Elder Scrolls Online Guild Spotlight: Uroboros Descension

Elder Scrolls Online GuildThis past week we met up with the guild leaders ApparitionRh`eafe Feno-xShinobiReaper and Dr.Swartzy of Uroboros Descension to talk about their guild, their plans for The Elder Scrolls Online and their past MMO experiences. As the release of The Elder Scrolls Online draws nearer its crucial for guilds to begin forming their guild structure, rules and decided playstyle as they recruit new members. Below Uroboros Descension describes their experiences thus far in the formation of their guild as well as recruiting new members to join the ranks.

Apparition:  With pleasure my names Apparition and I am the Guild Master here at Uroboros Descension and my roll in the guild is to keep everything running as smooth as possible and make sure that all our members are having a good time and enjoying the guild. I plan to play a Tank/DPS most of all in the game for the first time I play but I will be trying out all other classes and playing all factions

Rh`eafe Feno-x: Hello, I have been using the gamer tag Rafe Phoenix for about 10 years in one form or another. I adapted it to play a Khajiit assassin/thief on ESO. Right now my role in the guild centers on PvP leadership but I look forward to ESOs end game too. I can’t wait to see what Zeni-Max is doing with raid style dungeons.

ShinobiReaper: Hey guys, im ShinobiReaper, but ya can call me Shin my style will be stealthy and assassination style, purely because i like the idea of being very cloak and dagger and not being seen and i’ll be trying to join the Dark Brotherhood as soon as possible, because it adds to the sense of mystery haha and my role in the guild currently is to just generally keep on being awesome I currently have the Deviant Knight title which means ill be taking part in plenty of PVP and I’ve put myself forward as someone interested in taking on contract work.

Dr.Swartzy: Hello My name is Dr.Swartzy and I am one of the Kurios in Uroboros decension! My current plan is to play as a main healer withing the Guild as well as an off dps. Seeing as healing is a crutial role in MMO’s I figured due to prior experience I could help us at least start off with one! My primary role in the Guild is to help coordinate the PvP in our AD faction of the guild as well as help out our members progress throughout the game.

How did you come up with the name “Uroboros Descension”?
Apparition: That’s a great question! Well I saw the video for the game and liked the emblem that they used to I researched it and found out that it often represents self-reflexivity or cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly re-creating itself, the eternal return, and other things perceived as cycles that begin anew as soon as they end (compare with phoenix). It can also represent the idea of primordial unity related to something existing, in or persisting, from the beginning with such force or qualities it cannot be extinguished. So I instantly wanted it in the guild name, along with giving it a tie to the game as well. The description fit perfectly with the leadership style we will be aiming for here as we will always be trying to better ourselves by listening to guild inputs as to what we can do to make ourselves better and always looking for new members to join the family. The Descension part came from the Co-founder of the guild who was available right now to answer any questions.

Dr. Swartzy: We have come up with a very unique way of looking at a guilds structure. The guild is based on a mercenary scenario, we do work for pay and plan to be a powerhouse within the game, that way we have a reputation as a fierce guild that you don’t want to mess with while also providing services to those in need, for a price. Apparition: Our foundation is in being a Mercenary guild that does all jobs save assassinations of NPS and players. We are all about the contract and the client and providing exceptional work. This being said we will boast having some of the most honest and loyal players in TESO. We want all members to have fun so we offer a verity of different things outside of mercenary work that our members can take part in. Our play style will depend on each and every person, if I would have to pick I would say PvE and PvP. But we will offer RP too to a certain extent.

ShinobiReaper: From what I understand we’re all about teamwork, we’re put basically a mercenary guild but not all of our members will be expected to take part in all events and activities we host, we’re looking for people of all playstyles and experience because we want everyone to feel comfortable within the guild and feel like they have a place they can relax and ask any questions and have a good time.

ShinobiReaper: For me personally it’s getting as much info as possible as im sure it is for the other guys, and sharing it with my guild mates  From a Guild point of view our focus is building the foundation of the guild, getting to know each other, and make any plans in preparation for the release.Dr. Swartzy: My personal focus is recruitment. There is no guild without members and we are always looking for dedicated members who are just as excited for this game as we are!

Rh`eafe Feno-x: Primarily I see my personal focus right now as organizing the Aldmeri Dominion battle group. It’s a sub group within the guild focusing on PvP. There will be raiding and crafting sub groups too. Just because we’re a bunch of Mercs for hire doesn’t mean that we’re not out there playing the other aspects of the game. We aim to have fun.
On top of that as a guild we are encouraging everyone in the guild to help recruit their friends, other MMO players and TES fans so we have a good core group at launch. We want every member to contribute and help form a guild that they are happy and proud to be a part of.

Apparition: My Goal is to solidify the foundation of this guild. Its a huge undertaking to run a guild that will grow to be more then likely the largest guild in the game and I want to be able to run it smoothly and with a firm foundation that is ready for a verity of issues. I also want to provide all members that join the ability to enjoy this great organization on any field that they play be it PvP, RP, or PvE and currently I feel like we have already taken great steps in attaining our goal.
How did you first become interested in The Elder Scrolls Online?

ShinobiReaper:  Honestly I LOVE elder scrolls, it’s my favourite gaming series, however i am ashamed to say that i only found out about it mid October :s yep, 5 whole months after the release, so naturally then i was burying myself in any info i could find on it, so really i got interested by it by being such a huge fan of their games in general and loving MMORPG’s
 Rh`eafe Feno-x: I am a big fan of TES, Oblivian and Morrowind are in my top five list as all time favorite games. On occasion I still load up Morrowind and play it on weekends. I have strayed away from gaming in the last couple of years so I only know of Skyrim secondhand. When I saw the announcement that ESO is coming out I started to crave TES again and in an MMO form it just couldn’t get any more enticing.

Elder Scrolls Online LogoDr. Swartzy: After seeing the introduction videos and such on the official website I am most excited about the massive PvP experience that is totally its own and unique. This will be an all new experience with the many features that have been included in the PvP portion of the game, and I am BEYOND excited to experience it!

Apparition: I’m very excited to see how they have set up the guild function as that is where I’ll be investing most of my time. I hope they have put a great deal of thought into this and are making it as monumental as the PvP is looking like it will be. Great guilds that house great friends can keep players as active as the gameplay itself. When I log in and think I am about to be greeted by 30+ of my friends that puts a smile on my face.

Apparition: This is a complex question as we are providing a slue of different things here that other guilds that players are used to have not offered before. I will touch on a few. One of the things I have done as leader is I have taken great thought into the ranking system not wanting to make ranks to easy to attain or to hard. But also naming the ranks has bin a great pleasure. We have so far 9 ranks though we don’t have enough game information but have faith that we wont be let down in the guild system. Every part of the guild as a little bit of different culture are ranks are not the same old boring ranks you find in every other guild you join most or derived from different languages and all have interesting meanings in themselves. For example our guild quote is from Plato describing the Uroboros. We have made every part of the guild interesting not just being a member. Another thing that will set us apart is we will be taking part in all factions maintaining neutrality as a guild as a whole. We have also provided in guild titles that members can attain at any rank, through specific actions that will grant them special privileges. But off all this things in my own opinion of what will set this guild apart will be the quality of members we will be producing and level of leadership that our higher ranking members will exhibit, this is truly where our guild will shine.

Dr. Swartzy: WE provide an all new experience that many players have yet to have in MMO’s. Being able to be seen as an authoritative figure in a crowd just by your name or by the guild is in itself significant but also being able to have people approach you offer a prize and have you carry out some work will be completely unique experience for our members and for the members of the community around us.
Dr. Swartzy: I have been playing MMO’s for numerous years, the most recent have been LOTRO and SWTOR both of which I was a beta tester and a proud member of high end Guilds/kinships. MMO’s are a part of my life now and i enjoy playing them, its like setting a social networking site into motion and having your life put into another universe that you control and are able to enjoy. Thank you for the Questions I had fun answering them! I look forward to seeing you all in game (ill be the healer named Zchoa)!

Rh`eafe Feno-x:The first MMORPG I remember playing is Neverwinter Nights, this was back in 1992 when text based games were not only dominate in the market they were the only option we had. Other MMOs I have played include The Realm Online, Ultima Online, Runescape (in the 2001 beta the only thing we could do was walk around, collect crystals and chat, that lasted for months), Dark Age of Camelot, Everquest and WOW. I also was in There.com beta as well as the Secondlife beta both in 2002 or 2003, these are MMO community sandbox worlds and I still log onto SL now and again because the world seems to be limitless.I only got into guilds while playing WOW. That’s when I realized how much better an MMO experience can be with a core group, until then I was primarily a solo player or joined PUGs.

ShinobiReaper: I think for around about 9 years really, I’ve played World of Warcraft, Runescape (if that counts) Star Wars the Old Republic, Rift, and all of the previous Elder Scrolls, even though they aren’t MMORPG’s theyre still awesome so i think it’s worth mentioning and I’ve been in guilds in a couple but this time around something feels different, i have a lot of faith in our leaders and our ability to make this guild one of, if not THE best guild in all of Tamriel over the months and years to come.

Apparition: Thank you Shadowed Mare for including us in this it was our pleasure to answer your questions and we look forward to having some great new additions to our guild shortly thanks to your efforts.

A special thanks goes out to the team of Uroboros Descension for taking on our very first Guild Spotlight – we appreciate the time you guys took to answer all of our questions in such a short amount of time. If you’re interested in joining Uroboros Descension visit them on the Website If you’re interested in interviewing for your guild or have questions you would like us to ask in their next guild spotlight Write Us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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