Combat in The Elder Scrolls Online

Elder-Scrolls-Online-CombatCombat in The Elder Scrolls series has always been a some-what lack-luster experience compared to other games of the same fantasy genre. Taking a look at some of the more recent releases in the series such as Morrowind and Oblivion shows that these games really don’t focus on the combat element; however, this changed with the release of Skyrim where combat became much more involved and more intense than in previous titles. This new focus on combat has raised a few questions about The Elder Scrolls Online combat system from fans of the series, will we see brutally intense combat in ZeniMax’s upcoming MMO?

Paul Sage, the producer of The Dark Ages of Camelot, mentions in an interview with Kotaku that the combat system being developed for The Elder Scrolls Online is based on a real-time system, which suggests less button smashing and more calculated blocks and attacks when in combat. If produced correctly this could be an invigorating new direction in MMO combat, real players dodging, blocking and attacking in real-time could lead to some gut-wrenching encounters. Although the combat in TES:O is based on real-time there will still be the traditional attack toolbars players will need to use in combat, this makes you question if TES:O’s combat is really going to be anything we haven’t seen before?

As the producers suggest, in order to get a true feel of TES:O’s combat, you’ll have to get your hands dirty as the system looks traditional on the outside but is packed full of new features not seen before in any MMO. Unfortunately, the wait to test this new combat system is going to be a long one as The Elder Scrolls Online is not set to release until some time in 2013.

Source: Kotaku

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