Clouded Leopard Mount Headlines New ESO Crown Store Items

A Clouded Leopard mount is one of the new items coming to the ESO Crown Store this August.

Never fear! The Elder Scrolls Online has announced new Crown Store items for sale this month. ESO fans were beginning to wonder when new stock would be available for purchase, but the devs came through with an exciting lineup.

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Clouded Leopard Mount

The Clouded Leopard mount will be joining the other rideable big cats in The Elder Scrolls Online, joining the ranks of:

The Clouded Leopard mount was first uncovered via a datamining episode back in March.

Note: The Clouded Leopard will be for sale for a limited time from August 13 – August 17 at 10AM EDT/4PM CEST.

eso leopard mount
Cloud-Senche Leopard Mount

In a move sure to inspire ESO role playing enthusiasts, the Crown Store will also offer four new costumes, including:

  • Nedic Warrior Pack
  • Noble Dress
  • Noble Suit
  • Wedding Suit

This marks the first time fancy clothes will be made available for the guys.

Note: The costumes will be for sale in late August.

eso nedic warrior costumes
Nedic Warrior Pack
eso noble dress
Noble Dress
eso noble suit
Noble Suit
eso wedding suit
Wedding Suit

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Unfortunately for all the pet lovers out in Tamriel, the Crown Store will not be offering any new critters this month.

To learn more about the Clouded Leopard mount and the new Crown Store costumes, check out the official game announcement here.


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