How To Sell Items In ESO Without Being A Total Fetcher

sell items in eso

Looking for extra gold in The Elder Scrolls Online? Don’t be a fetcher! Follow these tips when you sell items in ESO.

Money makes the world go round, and this is especially true in The Elder Scrolls Online. From better equipment to rare motiffs, just about everything desirable in-game requires money. Earning gold then becomes a very real aspect of PvE, but unlike other MMORPGs, ESO doesn’t have a universal auction house to sell your loot and crafted items. Despite this, there is an economic system in place to earn coin beyond the fixed rate offered by NPC vendors.

Sell Items In ESO

Looking for extra gold? There are two basic ways to take part in the game’s market economy and sell items in ESO:

1) Join a player’s guild and sell through the Player Guild Store.

2) Advertise your wares on Player Zone Chat.

This economic system works, but if you sell your items in a Guild Store or Zone, make sure to respect the process for the sake of your fellow players. To avoid being a fetcher, follow these tips when you sell items in ESO:

1) List Your Items At A Realistic Price. You’re given great freedom in ESO, and you can list your gear and materials for whatever price you desire. Want to list your Goat Bone Soup recipe for 1,000 gold? Go ahead, but don’t expect any sales. The whole point of listing items in the first place is to make money, and to do so you’ll need to list at realistic prices. What’s realistic in a free market economy? When in doubt, take a look at the going market rate by seeing what your fellow players are listing at. Price accordingly.

2) Don’t Use The Player Guild Store As Extra Storage Space. Sometimes a player will purposely list an item at an insane price knowing that it won’t sell, simply to use the Player Guild Store as extra storage space. This is bad form. If you need extra storage purchase bank space or pay for a backpack upgrade. Your guild needs to make money from sales to support the store. If players abuse the system by littering the store with items that purposely won’t sell, the store won’t make the money it needs to stay afloat. This in turn hurts your fellow guild mates.

3) Keep It Short And Sweet. The purpose of Zone Chat isn’t just for selling, so keep it brief when advertising goods and services. Basically state what you’re selling and the price, and little else. Use acronyms and commonly understood abbreviations in your post when you can. For example, “WTS 100 VR4 daggers. 120 each.” is much better than “Hey guys, I’m looking to sell 100 Galatite daggers Veteran Rank 4. I’m only asking 120 gold each. What a bargain! These babies are great for deconstruction and will sell fast!” Players don’t want to wade through long winded advertising spiels on Chat.

4) Don’t Spam. Zone Chat is a great way to sell items in ESO, but Shor’s Bones, don’t ever spam! Again, Chat isn’t just for selling, and players are very sensitive about spam — especially in light of the gold spammers that once plagued the game. Simply post your advertisement and move on. Hopefully you’ll hook up with a buyer, but if not, avoid the temptation of repeating your sales pitch. It’s not worth it. If you spam, I guarantee that someone will report you, so keep it classy.

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