The Callisto Protocol #TCPBEATTHEDEVS Challenges Players to Beat the Devs in Riot Mode

Starting today, the developers of The Callisto Protocol are challenging players to hop back into the game in order to beat their top 10 high scores in their new Riot Mode. The announcement tweet came with a short trailer once again showcasing the game mode and showing off the scores players will be competing to beat in this community challenge, which will run from June 7th to June 21st. If you do manage to nab a spot, they want you to take a screenshot and post it using the hashtag #TCPBEATTHEDEVS to show your supremacy over the makers of the game and to secure your spot on the leaderboard (at least… until another player beats you to it.

From the trailer, we can see what the scores we will have to beat in order to beat the challenge are, with the lowest being just under a million points (a formidable achievement in and of itself) and the highest being nearly five million points (and was set, unsurprisingly, by someone in QA). Good luck to whoever can manage that impressive feat. The full list is as follows:

  1. James (QA) – 4,818,588
  2. Ciaron (Production) – 3,284,177
  3. Nicole (Environment) – 3,109,210
  4. Jason (QA) – 2,108,747
  5. Tristan (Animation) – 2,009,436
  6. Derek (Brand) – 1,755,039
  7. Mae (Recruiting) – 1,560,818
  8. Brendan (Production) – 1,233,007
  9. Jesse (Concept) – 1,048,239
  10. Daniel (Marketing) – 929,035

You can join in the challenge today and see if you can beat the devs in Riot Mode before the end of the challenge. It’s about time to shake off that rusty stun baton and get back into Black Iron Prison, and it’ll make sure you’re prepared for the eventual story mode DLC fans are clamoring for. Good luck out there, and I’ll see your scores when you post them under #TCPBEATTHEDEVS.

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