The Callisto Protocol 12/15 Patch (1.08) Brings Improvements, Quality of Life Changes, and No Patch Notes

The Callisto Protocol released a new patch (1.08) today across all current-gen systems, accompanied by a brief announcement via Twitter, Steam, and their official Discord. In the annoucnment, they promised that the new patch featured “combat improvements, performance and stability fixes, localization optimizations, and general quality of life changes.” No patch notes were released alongside the chunky 11 GB update, but that is to be expected because the team at Striking Distance seems allergic to them.

Thankfully, others were able to do their job for them and figure out some of the new features and improvements in the large patch. The changes include a new shader compilation screen on PC, at least one new kill animation, a “skip” option for death animations, and slightly faster weapon and healing animations. As well, many players are reporting some frame-rate improvements, and some players who were still experiencing stuttering have said that the update fixed the issue for them (finally). Some other issues, like frequent crashes, may also be improved, based on early community feedback.

We will update this post if/when we find out about more changes that came with this patch. It would be great if we had list of notes about this patch so that people could know everything in a package that is about 20% the size of the game itself. That might be asking for too much, though.

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