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Stray Review – An Impawsibly Immersive Adventure

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it for as long as it’s true – thank goodness for indie developers. In a gaming landscape that’s starting to look more and more like Hollywood, where lifeless sequels and trend-following $60…

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Where to Find the Outsider’s Journals (Hints & Solutions)

To convince Momo to help you get to the Outside, you’ll first have to find three journals. In this guide, we’ll give hints and specific instructions for finding all three journals! Where to Find Clementine’s Notebook Where to Find Zbaltazar’s…

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Inside the Wall Walkthrough – Stray

This section of the game serves as a tutorial — you’ll learn the controls and get comfortable with some of the key mechanics of the game, namely jumping and scratching stuff. Although you’ll zig-zag a bit to get around obstacles,…

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Midtown Walkthrough (Hints and Solutions) – Stray

Because of the length of this level, this guide is divided into sections — use the contents button to navigate to the various sections. Downtown – Pt. 1 After leaving Antvillage, you’ll find yourself in a dark hallway. There’s only…