The Outer Worlds

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The Outer Worlds Review

The Outer Worlds is the newly released game from Obsidian Entertainment, it’s thought by many people to be a spiritual successor to Fallout: New Vegas and naturally being a massive RPG and Fallout fan I just had to play this.…

The Outer Worlds Why Not on Steam Can't Buy on Steam

Why Can’t I Buy The Outer Worlds Through Steam?

The Outer Worlds is finally here! The new single-player, first-person, sci-fi RPG is ready to take you on an exciting, player-driven adventure of determining the fate of a multi-faceted Halcyon colony far from Earth that, despite its many powerful corporations,…

The Outer Worlds DLC Story Expansion 2020

The Outer Worlds DLC Update 2020

Hello there, fellow The Outer Worlds fans! Just like you, we are eagerly anticipating the game’s official expansion scheduled for 2020! Following the game’s nomination for multiple categories at The Game Awards, Obsidian made an official announcement on its forums…

The Outer Worlds Dialog Combat System

The Outer Worlds Unique Dialog Combat System

It’s no surprise to most of you that The Outer Worlds is a culmination of Obsidian’s best writing talent, with its witty humor and impressive attention to detail. In-game dialog tends to frequently surprise, and sometimes outsmart the players, encouraging…