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Game: Dead by Daylight
Content Type: Gaming News
Date: August 2, 2022

Yesterday we got a Developer Update that previewed the changes in patch 6.1.2 — only a day later, the patch itself has hit the live servers! Despite being labeled a Bugfix Patch, there are a number of balance changes included in the patch as well. Confusingly, this update will skip 6.1.2 and go straight to 6.1.3 on some platforms; this apparently won’t cause any issues with crossplay, and every will still be able to play with everyone else no matter which version of the patch they have.

The balance changes, in brief, are as follows:

  • Thanataphobia nerfed, weaker until active on all 4 Survivors
  • Mettle of Man nerfed, now works like other Endurance effects
  • Pain Resonance buffed, now interrupts Survivor repairs again
  • Dead Man’s Switch nerfed, duration reduced (compensation for the Pain Resonance change)

Additionally, Clown has been re-enabled, the Orange Glyph challenges have been temporarily swapped out, and add-on rarity in low level Bloodwebs increases with your prestige level. You can check out the full patch notes below!


  • Decreased the penalty per injured, dying, or hooked Survivor to 1%/1.5%/2% (was 4.5%/5%/5.5%)
  • Added: If there are 4 injured, dying, or hooked Survivors, there is an additional 12% penalty to repair, sabotage, and Totem-cleansing speeds

Mettle of Man

  • Reworked to use Endurance correctly
  • After you earn 2 Protection Hit scoring event, the perk activates. Once activated, you gain the Endurance status effect. As long as you have Endurance, your aura will be revealed to the Killer when you are further than 12/14/16 meters from the Killer. Mettle of Man will deactivate once Endurance is lost

Dead Man’s Switch

  • Decreased activation duration to 20/25/30 seconds (was 35/40/45 seconds)

Pain Resonance

  • Affected generators now interrupt Survivors that are repairing them
  • Note: This does not notify the Killer with a scream
  • Re-enabled the Clown.
  • Fixed the localization of the Master Challenge “Furious Destruction” in Tome 2, Level 2
  • Replaced the Orange Glyph “Glyph Massacre” challenge for a Red Glyph “Glyph Seeker” challenge in Tome 12, Level 1
  • Add-on rarity in low level Bloodwebs increases as you increase your prestige level
  • Fixed a small visual issue that occurs after pressing the ‘Upgrade’ button in the tally screen
  • Reduce rubber banding occurrences when interacting
  • Fixed an issue that may cause the Clown to retain the Haste status from the Afterpiece Antidote
  • Fixed an issue that caused succeeding the Overcharge skill check to grant permanent generator regression when the Call of Brine perk is also equipped
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Haste bonus granted by the Hex: No One Escapes Death perk to be greater than intended
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Dead Hard animation to last longer than the Endurance effect it grants
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Off the Record perk to remain active when the exit gates are powered
  • Fixed an issue that caused generators regressing from the Damage Generator interaction to stop regressing upon ending Feral Frenzy with the Fuming Mixtape add-on
  • Fixed an issue that may cause survivors to not drop their item on the second Feral Frenzy hit when the Legion is equipped with the Stolen Sketchbook add-on
  • Fixed an issue that may cause killers to remain stuck in an animation loop when destroying a pallet with their power at the same time as the Dissolution perk
  • Fixed an issue that caused the aura of the illusionary Doctor to briefly flicker in front of the camera.
  • Tentatively fixed an issue that caused a loss of progression and cosmetics when linking to a Behaviour account
  • Fixed an issue that caused a bloodweb error when switching characters during the bloodweb level-up animation
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the bloodweb level-up animation to be skipped.
  • Fixed an issue that caused bloodweb errors to happen intermittently
  • Fixed an issue that caused Attack on Titan charms to appear missing until the application was rebooted
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Orange Glyph SFX to remain despite completing the requirements
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Nightmare Clock that can’t be used in the Industrial map
  • Fixed an issue that caused an invisible collision that allows Survivors to walk along a cage in Gideon map
  • Fixed an issue that caused Killers to be slow down due to collision in the basement
  • Fixed a facial animation bug during Cenobite’s mori

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