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Game: Dead by Daylight
Content Type: Gaming News
Date: August 1, 2022

On July 19th, what was almost certainly DBD’s largest update so far hit the live servers, to varying degrees of joy and dismay (mostly depending on whether or not you were a Killer main, Survivor main, Dead Hard fan, or tired of the old meta). Today, the developers have released a list of changes that are planned to release this week. Among them is a Mettle of Man rework, changes to a few other perk combinations, and a bug fix to The Clown that should render him playable once again.

Mette of Man was reworked along with the rest of the Endurance perks in the last update. However, unlike other Endurance perks, it didn’t deactivate when performing a Conspicuous Action (healing, doing gens, etc). In the upcoming update, Mettle of Man will be changed to work like other Endurance perks — it will deactivate when the Survivor performs a Conspicuous Action. Additionally, while the perk is active, the Killer will see the Survivor’s aura when further than 12/14/16m away. To compensate for this, it will only take 2 protection hits to activate.

While this is certainly a harsh nerf, it should push Mettle of Man into its (presumably) intended role of allowing Survivors to body block the Killer effectively, rather than it being a “get out of jail free” card once activated.

Pain Resonance was modified in the last patch to no longer force Survivors off of the generator when it activates, which then prevented Dead Man’s Switch from activating (a common and powerful perk combination that would block the gen with the most progress for 45 seconds). However, the change to Pain Resonance had the unintended consequence of the perk Merciless Storm generating dozens of skill checks after the generator regressed from Pain Resonance.

To remedy this, Pain resonance will now once again interrupt Survivors repairing the affected generator — to compensate, the duration of Dead Man’s Switch has been reduced to 20/25/30 seconds.

The clown was recently disabled due to a bug that allowed him to permanently retain the Haste effect from the Afterpiece Antitode. Obviously, this was incredibly broken, but since the bug will be fixed in patch 6.1.2, the Clown will return!

As with the Clown, a bug with matchmaking incentives led to them being disabled shortly after 6.1.0 was released. Sadly, while BHVR has discovered what caused the issue, they will not be able to fix it in time for 6.1.2, and matchmaking incentives won’t return until 6.2.0 (assuming all goes well).

The Tome 12 orange glyph challenges were causing some players motion sickness, so in 6.1.2 these challenges will temporarily be replaced with different challenges. The orange glyphs should return in 6.2.0, assuming they can develop a new-and-improved visual that doesn’t make people want to barf.

Usually, BHVR patches early in the week, so we expect this patch to drop tomorrow (Tuesday) or the following day. Let us know what you think about the recent 6.1.0 update or today’s developer update in the comments below!

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