Dead by Daylight’s Lunar New Year Event “Lurking Stripes” Begins Today

February 1st marks the start of the Lunar New Year, and Dead by Daylight joins the festivities with an in-game event, “Lurking Stripes”. The event begins today, January 25th at 2 PM EST and run until February 8th, 2 PM EST, at which point you’ll be able to find Lunar Toolboxes and Firecrackers in your Survivor bloodwebs. There will be a sign-in bonus of 50K Bloodpoints throughout the event, which should make it easier to fill your inventory with the limited-time Lunar Event items and offerings.

As always, there will be a special event offering — the Red Envelope — available to both Killers and Survivors. Bringing a Red Envelope offering will spawn a Red Envelope in the trial, and the aura of the envelope will be visible to its owner. The owner can then interact with the envelope to reveal it — this will play a sound effect, and reveal the aura of the envelope to all players. When another player besides the owner opens the envelope, both that player and the envelope’s owner will receive bonus Bloodpoints; the owner will also receive a Lunar Event cosmetic.

If you’ve been trying to get friends into the game, now’s a perfect time: From Thursday, January 27th (10AM PST) to Thursday, February 3rd (10AM PST), the base game will be on sale. The official announcement also implied that other DBD items will also be on sale through Steam during the Lunar New Year Sale. In addition, previously released Lunar New Year cosmetics will be on sale in DBD’s in-game store (sale prices are for Auric Cells only). This sale will run through February 8th (8:59PM PST).

Excited to ring in the new year with the Entity? Still hoarding items from last year’s Lunar New Year event? Let us know in the comments!

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