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Game: Dead by Daylight
Content Type: Gaming News
Date: September 24, 2022

A very reliable source of Dead by Daylight leaks has tweeted today about the upcoming chapter, claiming that it will involve a For Honor Crossover and include a new map from a brand-new realm. The Twitter account DBDLeaks, as far as we can tell, have yet to be incorrect with their predictions, so this seems very likely to be yet another accurate leak. Given the number of screenshots and video footage that “anonymous sources” send to DBDLeaks, one wonders if there isn’t some intentional guerilla marketing at play here…

Regardless of the reason for the leak, what is clear is that For Honor is coming to Dead by Daylight! This isn’t as weird as it sounds, if only because we already saw original Dead by Daylight character The Trapper make an appearance in For Honor last Halloween. Knowing that, having a For Honor character (and map, it sounds like) show up in DBD the following Halloween makes perfect sense from a tit-for-tat marketing perspective.

Fans are speculating that Apollyon, the main villain from For Honor, will be the character introduced in the next chapter. As a big, scary warrior in all black armor, there’s basically no chance she won’t be a Killer — the only question is whether or not the upcoming chapter will also see the addition of a Survivor or two. The new realm that the leak teases is also intriguing; the realms introduced in chapters tend to relate to the Killer of that chapter, so perhaps the new realm will be some kind of castle or battlefield from the For Honor universe.

If it is indeed going to be a part of some kind of Halloween event, the new chapter would need to launch in a little over a month. Given that there is generally two or three weeks between releases on the Public Test Beta and launch, this would suggest that we’ll get to see the new Killer and map on the PTB sometime in the next few weeks.

Excited to play as a For Honor character in DBD? Think the crossover is silly? Let us know in the comments!

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