Dead by Daylight Developer Update: Finishing Mori, Anti-Slugging Changes

Despite introducing a host of sweeping changes in the last few rounds of patching, the Dead by Daylight devs over at Behavior Interactive aren’t resting on their laurels. Today’s developer update, which focuses on the introduction of an end-of-game Mori, clearly started as more of a cinematic change than a gameplay one — but in introducing it, they’ve ended up fixing one of the most frustrating things that can happen while playing Survivor.

With the new “Finishing Mori” system, once all the other Survivors are dead, dying (slugged), hooked, or have escaped from the trial, the final Survivor becomes the Last Standing (rescuing a hooked Survivor will end Last Standing). Both the Last Standing and the Killer will be granted a wider field of view, and being downed as the Last Standing will trigger a Finishing Mori: the Survivor and Killer will be teleported to a preset point on the map with a nice clear view, and the Killer’s Mori animation will play. (Any other Survivors in the trial will be immediately sacrificed at this point.)

Because this new system might otherwise encourage leaving Survivors on the ground to quickly end the game, a change to the dying state will be introduced alongside the Finishing Mori system: all Survivors will gain the ability to pick themselves up off the ground if they are left slugged for 45 seconds. This time is also affected by recovery speed effects. No more crawling around for four minutes!

But what about all the Survivor perks that let you pick yourself up? Unbreakable, Soul Gard, Boon: Exponential, and No Mither will have the ability to pick yourself up removed from them. Additionally, the ability to Mori Survivors will no longer be an effect on Rancor and Hex: Devour Hope. Some — but not all — of these perks will receive compensatory buffs or changes.

  • Unbreakable – Now increases dying self-recovery speed by 80/90/100%
  • Rancor – Once all generators are powered, the Obsession’s aura is revealed for 5 seconds, and they are permanently inflicted with the Exposed Status Effect
  • Hex: Devour Hope – Once 5 tokens have been earned, any Survivor placed on a hook is instantly sacrificed

Finally, the Finishing Mori necessitates changes to Memento Mori Offerings — these offerings will be updated to award bonus Bloodpoints based on the number of Survivors killed if you sucessfully earn a Finishing Mori.

  • Cypress Memento Mori – Gain 8,000 Bloodpoints if at least 2 Survivors are killed and the match ends in a Finishing Mori
  • Ivory Memento Mori – Gain 12,000 Bloodpoints if at least 3 Survivors are killed and the match ends in a Finishing Mori
  • Ebony Memento Mori – Gain 20,000 Bloodpoints if at least 4 Survivors are killed and the match ends in a Finishing Mori

You’ll be able to check out these changes when next week’s Public Test Build goes live! In the meantime, let us know what you think about them in the comments below.

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