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Game: Dead by Daylight
Content Type: Gaming News
Date: August 23, 2022

With the patch 6.2.0 becoming available on the PTB earlier this month, the developers have now released a list of changes coming with the release of the Dead by Daylight: Resident Evil: PROJECT W Chapter in a few weeks. Among the most notable changes we have the Mettle of Man changes being reverted, some adjustments to the new Racoon City Police Station maps, and a reduction to the cost of nodes in the Bloodweb.

Following the progression overhaul with the release of 6.1.0, the Barbecue and Chili and We’re Gonna Live Forever perks were both stripped of their Bloodpoints bonuses, which made it harder for players to earn Bloodpoints. With that in mind, the patch 6.2.0 will be bringing with it a ~33% reduction to the cost of nodes in the Bloodweb to both offset the loss of Bloodpoint bonuses on these perks, as well as make the Bloodpoints earned from all sources more valuable.

bloodpoint cost reduction

The release of patch 6.2.0 also brings a new Killer and two new Survivors to the mix. The new Killer, The Mastermind, has received several changes to make it a more fair and a less frustrating experience.

  • Collision detection adjusted to prevent him from accidentally bumping into objects.
  • Virulent Bound will now injure Survivors that are vaulting or standing too close to a vault location.
  • Movement Speed increased between bounds from 2.3m/s to 2.76m/s.
  • Loose Crank add-on movement speed bonus reduced to 8% from 20%.
  • Healthy survivors hit by a Survivor thrown by The Mastermind will now be affected with Deep Wounds.
  • Slightly reduced Survivor collision detection for The Mastermind’s bound.

With the Racoon City Police Station becoming two different layouts that are both smaller than the base map, the amount of pallets was too great for the new map sizes so several pallets have been removed.

The previous changes to the Mettle of Man perk have been reverted, and Mettle of Man will instead grant a unique effect that isn’t cancelled by Conspicuous Actions.

With the release of 6.1.0, all Survivors gained a new baseline ability that granted them 7% increased movement speed and Endurance for 5 seconds or until they performed a Conspicuous Action, after being unhooked. With the release of 6.2.0, both effects will lst for 10 seconds instead, and the movement speed bonus will be increased to 10%.


  • Cooldown removed, but can only be used once per hook instance. Can still be used by several survivors, but cannot pause hook progression for more than 90s total

Awakened Awareness

  • Aura reading will no longer linger after dropping a Survivor

Low Profile

  • Now also masks grunts of pain in addition to pools of blood and stratch marks
  • Now activates whenever you are the last Survivor that isn’t dying, hooked or dead

Better Than New

  • Action speed bonuses to healing, chest opening and totem cleansing & blessing have been increased to 12%/14%/16% (from 6%)
  • No longer lasts 25/30/35 seconds, and instead persists until the next time the Survivor takes damage

Let us know in the comments if you’re excited to see these new changes!

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