Contest to Design Dead by Daylight Cosmetics Begins

Another year, another cosmetic contest! Dead by Daylight fans will once again have an opportunity to create an outfit or charm, and potentially have their creation end up in the game. There are four categories: Survivor Outfit, Killer Outfit, Survivor Charm, and Killer Charm — one winner will be chosen for each category. The contest has started, and submissions will be accepted from now until June 12, 2023.

The winning designs will become part of the free track of an upcoming Rift, meaning that the winners will likely get to see their creation fairly often (assuming the player base agrees with the judges on how cool it is). In addition to the obviously neat reward of having your work in DBD, if one of your designs is chosen, you’ll also win 12,500 Auric Cells, which is worth ~$100 USD. It’s worth noting that only residents of Germany, France, Japan, the UK, the USA, and Canada (excluding Quebec) can participate.

For all four categories, BHVR is looking for a Very Rare cosmetic, which means that the design should have lots of details and accessories, and be easily distinguishable from other outfits the character has. You can check out the full list of requirements and suggestions for each category, and submit your applications, by following the links below. Good luck!

Dead by Daylight Design a Cosmetic Contest Rules and Entry Forms:

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