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Because of Legion’s aggressive playstyle that rewards hunting groups of Survivors, perks that help locate groups are generally best. However, Legion’s tendency to move around the map quickly also means that Generator Regression builds are also viable. In this guide, we’ll list some of the best choices, and explain why they’re effective in general, and for Legion specifically. Listed first are “General” perks, i.e. perks available for free without purchasing any DLC chapters or Killers. Then, we’ll list unique perks, i.e. perks that you can only get by purchasing the associated Killer, or by purchasing them from the Shrine of Secrets.

For more information on how unlocking perks works, see our Killer Loadouts guide.

In case you don’t want detailed info (and just want to know which perks to try out), here are the best general perks for Legion in Dead by Daylight:

  • Bitter Murmur
  • Fearmonger
  • Hex: No One Escapes Death
  • Jolt

Read on to find detailed explanations on how the perks work, and why they’re effective on Legion!

Each time a generator is completed, the Auras of all Survivors within 16 meters of that Generator are revealed to you for 5 seconds. Once the last generator is completed, the Auras of all Survivors are revealed to you for 5/7/10 seconds.

It’s always useful to have additional surveillance, and this is one of the best perks for it. This not only lets you know where Survivors go after finishing a generator, it also lets you know how many were there, helping you start a chase or apply pressure on other generators (or even try to block pathways for Survivors). Plus, if you are running Hex: No One Escapes Death, this perk can turn into an almost guaranteed down.

Pairs well with Hex: No One Escapes Death.

Survivors that are repairing Generators are inflicted with Blindness and Exhausted, which will persist for 3/4/5 seconds after the Survivor stops repairing.

Legion loves to sneak up on a group of Survivors working on Generators, and to catch them by surprise, unable to use their perks to escape quickly. So, naturally, Fearmonger is a good choice, since it helps you do both. While Blindness is not the greatest effect, it will help when the Generator is in an enclosed space with poor sightlines, and Exhausted can guarantee that first hit to start a Feral Slash chain.

Pairs well with Discordance and Call of Brine

Once the Exit Gates are powered, if there is still a Dull Totem on the map, this Hex activates and lights it. While this perk is active, your movement speed is increased by 2/3/4%, and all Survivors suffer from the Exposed status effect. Survivors can see the Aura of the Hex totem, starting at 4 meters away and expanding to 24 meters over the first 30 seconds the Hex is active.

No One Escapes Death is an emergency lifeline for Legion. If you find yourself against a group of skilled Survivors who are successfully healing away your Slashes, and therefore probably powering up the Exit Gates, you will want this perk so you can go straight into “endgame hunting mode”, regardless of whether the Survivors are injured or not.

Pairs well with Bitter Murmur, other Hex perks, and the BFFs add-on.

When you down a Survivor, all generators within 32 meters instantly explode, losing 6/7/8% repair progress, and then start regressing.

Since Legion will often be attacking and downing Survivors near Generators, this can save you some time, allowing you to start regressing a Generator without having to actually go up and damage it, letting you get back in the action sooner.

Pairs well with stealth perks that can let you sneak up on Survivors on Generators.


  • Discordance (Legion)
  • Barbecue and Chilli (Cannibal)
  • Call of Brine (Onryo)
  • Dragon’s Breath (Blight)
  • Dead Man’s Switch (Deathslinger)
  • Eruption (Nemesis)
  • Nowhere to Hide (Knight)
  • Thanatophobia (Nurse)

The name in parentheses is the Killer you need to unlock the perk on to make it available to all characters. Read on to find detailed explanations on how the perks work, and why they’re effective on Legion!

Generators being repaired by 2 or more Survivors will be marked with a yellow aura, up to 64/96/128 meters. When a generator is first repaired by multiple Survivors, you will receive a Loud Noise Notification on the generator. The Aura will linger for 4 seconds after only being repaired by 1 Survivor.

Since Legion’s playstyle feeds off of attacking groups, since groups allow them to build up Feral Slash chains and injure multiple Survivors with one attack, using the perk that helps you locate Generators being working on by Survivors is invaluable. This also lets you interrupt the Generator that is likely the closest to being finished so you can put a stop to that. This perk is a must-take for Legion.

Pairs well with Generator regression perks like Jolt or Call of Brine. Also pairs well with being Legion.

After hooking a Survivor, reveal the Auras of all Survivors more than 60/50/40 meters away for 4 seconds.

Legion can struggle to find Survivors, especially after causing them to scatter following a Feral Slash chain. Barbecue and Chilli makes this simple, and also allows you to focus on distant Survivors, which is perfect for Legion’s agile, fast-moving abilities. However, this does mean that this perk works the best when Legion’s power duration has been extended.

Pairs well with the Never-Sleep Pills and Mischief List add-ons.

After damaging a generator (by kicking it), Call of Brine activates for 60 seconds on that gen. The damaged generator regresses at 150/175/200% of normal regression speed, and its Aura is revealed to you. Each time a Survivor succeeds at a Good Skill Check on a generator affected by Call of Brine, you receive a loud noise notification.

Call of Brine is good on basically any Killer, but it is especially useful for the Generator-ambushing Legion, who will often leave Generators behind near at least one Survivor because of their tendency to attack groups.

Pairs well with other Generator kicking perks, like Eruption and Nowhere to Hide, and with the Frank’s Mix Tape add-on.

For 20/25/30 seconds after hooking a Survivor, any Survivor that stops repairing a Generator causes the entity to block it until the end of the effect.

Legion interrupts Survivors repairing a lot more than most Killers, and much of their playstyle lends itself to hampering Generator progress. This perk works excellently with Legion’s tendency to immediately head towards a group-filled Generator after a hook, forcing the complete halt of it for a short while.

Pairs well with Discordance and Jolt.

After damaging a generator (by kicking it), Dragon’s Grip will activate for 30 seconds, causing the first Survivor to interact with it to scream, reveal their location for 4 seconds, and suffer from Exposed for 60 seconds. It has a cooldown of 120/100/80 seconds.

As discussed

Pairs well with Call of Brine, and with the Frank’s Mix Tape add-on.

Kicking a generator will highlight it in yellow. The next time a Survivor enters the Dying State, all generators affected by Eruption will explode — removing 10% of generator progression — and then start regressing, removing the highlighted aura. Any Survivor repairing a generator when it explodes screams and suffers from the Incapacitated Status Effect for 15/20/25 seconds.

Because you will often be going around the entire map quickly, kicking generators as you do, this can ensure that even if Survivors spread out, their Generator progress will be hampered (and their repairers inconvenienced) as soon as you down someone. Alongside Jolt, this can turn your downs into devastating Generator regression chains, apply pressure in the same way your Feral Slash chains will.

Pairs well with Call of Brine and Jolt, and with the Frank’s Mix Tape add-on.

After damaging a Generator, the Auras of Survivors within 24 meters are revealed to you for 3/4/5 seconds.

You damage a lot of Generators as Legion, and this can help you locate Survivors who are hiding nearby after you do (or inform you that there are none nearby). It can even allow you to make use of an otherwise wasted power, if you activate Feral Frenzy before getting to a Generator only to find that the Survivors abandoned it and are hiding. Because of this, the perk only really works with Frank’s Mix Tape, which will allow you to put your power on halt while you damage the Generator.

Pairs well with other Generator kicking perks, and with Frank’s Mix Tape.

For every injured, dying, or hooked Survivor, all Survivors suffer a 1/1.5/2% Action Speed penalty to Repairing, Sabatoging, and Cleansing, to a maximum of 4/6/8%. If 4 Survivors are injured, dying, or hooked, the penalty increases by an additional 12%.

You know how Legion’s core strategy is to injure every Survivor and keep them injured without reprieve? Well, how would you like to consistently slow Generator progress by 20% just for playing Legion as normal. So long as you can keep every Survivor in the injured state (probably with the help of add-ons), you will be golden here.

Pairs well with Susie’s Mix Tape and all Pin add-ons.

We hope this guide on which perks to choose for Legion was helpful! If left out a perk you think deserves to be on the list, or if you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comments.

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