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Like most Killers, Legion has a wide range of Add-ons for his power, Feral Frenzy. These include some incredibly powerful ultra-rare add-ons, some useless commons, plus plenty that fall somewhere in the middle. In this guide, we’ll discuss all of Legion’s add-ons, give tips for how to use them, and list which add-ons are the best choices.

Let’s get the most important part out of the way first! These are the best add-ons for Legion:

  • Fuming Mix Tape
  • Frank’s Mix Tape
  • The Legion Pin
  • Susie’s Mix Tape
  • Stylish Sunglasses
  • Never-Sleep Pills
  • Defaced Smiley Pin
  • Mischief List

In keeping with Legion’s beginner-friendly playstyle, Legion can go a long way with fairly common Add-Ons. Never-Sleep Pills and the Mischief List both increase how long Feral Frenzy lasts. Because Feral Frenzy resets every time you get a successful Feral Slash, this means that the power duration extension carries over, giving you and extra 10 or 2 seconds (respectively) to chain your next Slash. Never-Sleep Pills in particular are so good, and so cheap, that they should be used for all but the most specialist of builds, even despite the minor drawback.

Defaced Smiley Pin and The Legion Pin are incredible add-ons for making your Feral Slash more devastating. By applying Mangled and Broken, respectively, you can slow down or stop Survivor healing for quite some time. Paired with add-ons that focus on pressuring healing Survivors, like the Stylish Sunglasses, these can cripple your foes and keep them injured for long stretches of time. Those Stylish Sunglasses are also generally useful for tracking down Survivors after you finish a Feral Frenzy, in order to finish them off.

Susie’s Mix Tape is the only add-on for Legion that I’d consider completely unbalanced. Extending your Killer Instinct an additional 20 meters, when it wasn’t exactly short to begin with, means that you will essentially always be able to find another Survivor to Slash, and can easily result in doing a full 5-Slash chain to down a Survivor. Paired with the Never-Sleep Pills, this add-on can make Legion practically unstoppable.

Frank’s Mix Tape is a less flashy, but no less useful add-on. Damaging Generators faster is nice, but the real benefit is that this add-on lets you do that vital action without wasting your Feral Frenzy, letting you resume your Frenzy right where you left off.

Lastly, the Fuming Mix Tape, in addition to adding a radical music score to your chases, lets you get a reading at a distance of every single Generator, letting you know where to apply pressure and where Survivors might be. While expensive, it can be well worth the information it gives you.

dbdfumingmixtapeFuming Mix Tape

The repair progression of generators can be determined by the intensity of their auras during Feral Frenzy. Generators not being worked on begin regressing. Adds music layer.

Strong Choice. While this add-on is a little too expensive for what it gives you, it gives you invaluable knowledge: how far along each generator is. In addition to regressing generators not being worked on. And this happens every time you use your power, which will be the majority of the early and mid game.

Using this add-on: You should make use of this add-on while going about other activities. Whether you are chasing a Survivor or running across the map trying to find one, you should take a moment during each of your Frenzies to look around and figure out which Generators you need to apply pressure to next.

dbdiridescentbuttonIridescent Button

Vaulting a pallet in Feral Frenzy breaks the pallet.

Okay Choice. Unlike every other killer, Pallets can be your friend as Legion. Your ability to vault them while using Feral Frenzy is essential to chaining Slashes, and can easily disrupt the rhythm of Survivors who are used to looping and using Pallets to win chases. Because of this, is can be good to leave Pallets around, to vault them later. However, clearing them out means that, when it comes time to hunt Survivors down without your powers in order to down them, you will have less obstacles.

Using this add-on: As Legion, you should be getting into chases often, and this often means that Survivors will try to evade you in all the typical ways. You should do your best to bait Pallet drops by committing to following a Survivor through a Pallet Loop, stopping right before it drops, and then vaulting over it. Presumably to the horror of the chased Survivor as their protection is instantly shattered.


Hitting Survivors with Feral Slashes generates tokens, with more being gained for each slash. Once the Exit Gates are powered and if you have more than 15 tokens, you get 4% Haste when not in Feral Frenzy.

Awful Choice. Expensive and worthless. Legion has so many great add-ons, there is never a reason to take one that gives you a tiny speed increase, only outside of your powers, only during the endgame, and only if you have been successfully chaining Slashes.

Using this add-on: Don’t.

dbdfilthybladeFilthy Blade

Increase the time it takes to Mend by 4 seconds.

Okay Choice. While this perk can occasionally lead to downs, it usually only serves as a very minor inconvenience to Survivors. Delays of 4 extra seconds before a Survivor can do anything else can add up, but not enough to make this add-on especially useful compared to other Legion add-ons.

Using this add-on: This begs to be combined with the Stylish Sunglasses, and doing so can allow you to occasionally pressure mending Survivors so that they are eventually downed from their Deep Wound. This is fairly slow, and mending still doesn’t take very long, but it can be a nice, subtle boost.

dbdfranksmixtapeFrank’s Mix Tape

Increases speed of breaking generators by 20% and walls by 30% during Feral Frenzy. The power gauge is paused during these actions.

Strong Choice. The ability to pause your power in order to do an essential action, so that you don’t waste the limited Frenzy state you have, makes this a very powerful, somewhat subtle add-on.

Using this add-on: After you get a Slash or two near a Generator, you should cycle back and damage it. By the time you are finished, there is a good chance one of the Survivors you Slashed has mended themself and can be Slashed again. While the Power Gauge does pause while damaging Generators, you usually do still need to go out of your way to do it, which can result in it draining faster than you’d like, so this add-on pairs very well with other add-ons that extend power duration, like Never-Sleep Pills and the Mischief List.

dbdstabwoundsstudyStab Wounds Study

Survivors who Self-Mend a Deep Wound have their aura revealed for 4 seconds.

Okay Choice. While this can be powerful for tracking down injured Survivors, the fact is that it is just a weaker, later-activating version of the cheaper Stylish Sunglasses, making it unideal comparatively.

Using this add-on: After performing a Feral Frenzy, you should be on the lookout for Auras to appear so you can chase them down in order to down them.

dbdjoeysmixtapeJoey’s Mix Tape

Survivors who Self-Mend a Deep Wound suffer from Haemorrhage until fully healed.

Poor Choice. While Haemorrhage has its uses, forcing Survivors to essentially restart their healing if you interrupt them during it, the fact is that, even with perks and add-ons to finding healing Survivors, most heals that start will finish, with Haemorrhage having basically no effect.

Using this add-on: Using this add-on in combination with the Stab Wounds Study or Stylish Sunglasses allows you to interrupt the Survivor’s healing after their Mend, and then for that healing to regress.

dbdstylishsunglassesStylish Sunglasses

The Aura of Mending Survivors within 24 meters are revealed.

Excellent Choice. Being able to locate Survivors that are mending, when you are using the Killer that forces Survivors to mend the most, can basically guarantee extra downs.

Using this add-on: As soon as you finish a Feral Frenzy, look around for the auras of Survivors that are mending and go in to finish them off.

dbdstolensketchbookStolen Sketch Book

From the second Feral Slash in a chain onwards, Survivors drops their items when hit.

Okay Choice. Because most of your Feral Slash chains should reach at least the second Slash, you will be forcing Survivors to drop their items very frequently. This can be incredible… So long as the Survivors don’t know that they will have at least a few seconds to safely pick up those items due to Legion’s inability to down Survivors in Feral Frenzy.

Using this add-on: This add-on provides a mostly passive effect for Legion, and so you can mostly play normally using it. However, it does enable an unorthodox strategy. Attacking a Survivor and causing them to drop an item, and then ending your power, can force Survivors into a position where they either go for the item and get downed or run and abandon the item. Very useful against high-level Survivors who bring in high-quality items.

dbdsusiesmixtapeSusie’s Mix Tape

Extend Killer Instinct radius by 20 meters.

Excellent Choice. One of the best, but simplest, add-ons in the game. This Killer Instinct radius increase can drastically change how you play Legion, letting you extend your Feral Slash chains by enabling you to find more Survivors from farther away. This can lead to consistent 5-Slash combos.

Using this add-on: Because this add-on enables you to pursue Survivors from farther away, you will often want to take it alongside Never-Sleep Pills in order to make sure you can make it to those Survivors.

dbdthelegionpinThe Legion Pin

Survivors who Self-Mend from Deep Wound are inflicted with Broken for 60 seconds.

Excellent Choice. Broken is always one of the best status effects to inflict on Survivors, but it is made even better here because of how often you can apply it and because of how Legion relies on Survivors being unable to heal. This gives you a minute after each Slash where you know you’ll have a chance to down an injured Survivor.

Using this add-on: So long as you are making sure to pursue Slashed Survivors shortly after Frenzy ends, you will be making use of this add-on.

dbddefacedsmileypinDefaced Smiley Pin

Survivors who Self-Mend a Deep Wound are inflicted with Mangled until healed.

Okay Choice. Mangled slows down the healing process, which means delaying Survivors for that much longer, and giving you a greater chance to interrupt it. While not crippling, it will activate often enough to make it worthwhile in how much it delays Survivors.

Using this add-on: This effect is fairly minor, and doesn’t require any special changes to make use of.

dbdetchedrulerEtched Ruler

Survivors hit with Feral Slash are inflicted with Oblivious for 60 seconds.

Poor Choice. Oblivious will occasionally help you sneak up on enemies, but it is more useful when you are trying to chain Feral Slashes, not after you’ve already hit Survivors with them. It has use, but not much.

Using this add-on: This add-on will let you get closer to Survivors you’ve recently Slashed, which will help you get downs or (if the Survivors are mending quickly) extending your Slash chain.

dbdjuliesmixtapeJulie’s Mix Tape

Refills Power Gauge when stunned during Feral Frenzy.

Awful Choice. If you are getting stunned as Legion using Feral Frenzy, you have other issues than running low on powers. You go fast enough that you should be able to avoid Flashlight stuns, and you have a built-in vault to avoid Pallet stuns.

Using this add-on: If you are using this add-on, you should spend your matches practicing avoiding Pallets so you can stop using this add-on.

dbdmuralsketchMural Sketch

Increases movement speed boost from Feral Slashes to +0.3 m/s, up to 1.2 m/s

Okay Choice. It is always nice to go even faster in your speed-boosting form, but the increase is pretty modest. It will help you win a few more Feral chases, but not that often.

Using this add-on: You don’t need to adjust your playstyle to make use of this add-on. Just play as normal.

dbdnever sleeppillsNever-Sleep Pills

Reduces movement speed of Feral Frenzy to 4.6 m/s, but increases duration by 10 seconds. You also gain +100 Bloodpoints for Feral Slashes, up to +500 Bloodpoints.

Excellent Choice. This huge 10-second extension applies after every Feral Slash, doubling the time you have to chain another Slash. Removing the Movement Speed boost from the initial Power activation is a worthwhile sacrifice for this incredible buff.

Using this add-on: You should activate your power later than you would without this add-on, pressing the button when you are on the heels of a Survivor, since you will want to guarantee you’ll get the first hit since you lack the movement speed increase initially. As well, this add-on pairs very well with Susie’s Mix Tape, which will allow you to see Survivors from farther away using your Killer Instinct so that you can take advantage of the increased power duration.

dbdfriendshipbraceletFriendship Bracelet

The Lunge duration of Feral Slashes is increased by +0.3 seconds.

Awful Choice. There are next to no scenarios where an extra third of a second long lunge will turn a Feral Slash miss into a hit. It’s just bad.

Using this add-on: You can afford to lunge at Survivors from ever-so-slightly farther away. Whoopee.

dbdmischieflistMischief List

Extends Feral Frenzy by +2 seconds.

Strong Choice. Considering the cost, this add-on is a great budget option for Legion. The extra 2 seconds added onto your power duration (which will be there after every slash) will help you often enough to be worth it.

Using this add-on: You can continue to play as normal with this add-on, as it will just provide a general improvement to general efficiency.

dbdscratchedrulerScratched Ruler

Power recovers 5 seconds faster.

Poor Choice. Legion’s power recovers at a decent rate to begin with, and their power recovery isn’t as essential since you won’t usually need to go from one Frenzy to another very quickly. It has uses, situationally, but just doesn’t provide an incredible bonus.

Using this add-on: You can use your power a little bit more liberally with this add-on, and so should use your power even when you normally might not.

dbdsmileyfacepinSmiley Face Pin

Survivors who perform Self-Mend from Deep Wound are inflicted with Blindness for 60 seconds.

Awful Choice. I stand by Blindness being an essentially worthless status effect, and this is no exception. Even for as common as it is, it is rarely worth it.

Using this add-on: If you do use this add-on, it will fade into the background. Just play as normal.

We hope this guide on Legion’s add-ons was helpful! If you have any questions, comments, or differing opinions, let us know in the comments.

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