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Game: Dead by Daylight

A Status Effect that functions as a debuff, applied to Survivors by some Perks and Add-ons, as well as some Powers.

Survivors suffering from Exposed can be downed with a single Basic Attack, even when healthy.

When Exposed is applied to every Survivor simultaneously (like with Hex: No One Escapes Death, or The Shape’s Tier 3), a global sound effect can be heard — when only one Survivor is Exposed, this sound effect is not played.

The following Add-ons, Perks, and Powers can inflict the Mangled Status Effect:


  • Artist – Garden of Rot
  • Clown – Redhead’s Pinkie Finger
  • Dredge – Iridescent Wooden Plank
  • Gunslinger – Iridescent Coin
  • KnightKnight’s Contract
  • Mastermind – Iridescent Uroboros Vial
  • Nemesis – Iridescent Umbrella Badge
  • Trickster – Iridescent Photocard
  • Twins – Iridescent Pendant


  • Dragon’s Grip (Blight)
  • Make Your Choice (Pig)
  • Hex: Devour Hope (Hag)
  • Hex: Haunted Ground (Spirit)
  • Hex: No One Escapes Death (General)
  • Hubris (Knight)
  • Iron Maiden (Legion)
  • Rancor (Spirit)
  • Starstruck (Trickster)


  1. Evil Within III (Shape)
  2. Night Shroud (Ghostface)
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