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Game: Dead by Daylight
Content Type: Gaming News
Date: May 25, 2021

To celebrate Dead By Daylight’s 5th anniversary, developer BHVR hosted a stream revealing the content of the new Resident Evil chapter, as well as giving some idea of the roadmap for development going forward. The upcoming RE chapter will include a new killer, Nemesis, as well as two survivors, Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy, and a new map from the RE universe.

The specific perks of the new survivors were not revealed, but were hinted at. Jill Valentine, who first appeared in the original Resident Evil, will have perks that “highlight her intensive training and… high adaptability”. Leon Kennedy of Resident Evil 2 will have perks that focus on his desire to help others, and will also have a very unique perk that allows him to create an item (a flashbang) while in the trial.

resident evil characters joining roster in next dead by daylight chapter leon
The new map definitely shows off the improving quality of more recent DBD content

The new killer is Nemesis, the main antagonist from Resident Evil 3. His power is the T-Virus, a tentacle attack that can infect survivors. Infected survivors will be sick, and sick survivors are vulnerable to the next tentacle attack, which will damage them instead of infecting them. Each infected survivor adds to the tentacle’s reach, so survivors will want to heal themselves if they can. Survivors can use vaccines (which will be limited) to cure themselves.

The Nemesis killer also adds a new element to any match that he is in: zombies! AI controlled zombies will be scattered throughout the map when you’re facing the nemesis. Zombies appear to be able to damage you, and the stream confirmed that they can infect you in the same way Nemesis can.

resident evil characters joining roster in next dead by daylight chapter zombies
Hopefully zombies can’t check lockers

In addition to the new survivors and new killer, there will also be a new map added: The Racoon City Police Station from Resident Evil 2. It looks fantastic, and it sounds like players who know the police station well will have an advantage when it comes to finding your way around.

resident evil characters joining roster in next dead by daylight chapter rpd exterior
Many hours were spent wandering these halls…

The 5th Anniversary Broadcast also revealed that there would be a revamped new player experience coming soon, including bot matches nd rewards for completing tutorials. They are also looking into improving matchmaking by incentivizing players picking roles that matchmaking needs, as well as improving the background processes that create lobbies. These are much-needed changes, as the current new player experience is lacking, to say the least.

The new chapter releases June 15th, though it should show up on the Public Test Beta sooner than that. Check out the official site for more news and info.

Are you happy with the Resident Evil killer and survivors that were chosen? Let us know in the comments!

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