Dead by Daylight Patch 7.4.2 – Bug Fixes, Trickster Changes

Today’s Dead by Daylight Bugfix Patch is a small one, but contains some fairly notable changes. Flashlights are reenabled, as are the Perks Residual Manifest, Dramaturgy and Appraisal. The Trickster is receiving a few more tweaks after his changes in the last big patch, and new Killer The Good Guy got a small buff to one of his Unique Perks. You can check out our TL;DR below, or read on to see the full list of changes!

Dead by Daylight Patch 7.4.2 TL;DR:

  • Reenabled
    • Flashlight
    • Perks: Residual Manifest, Dramaturgy, Appraisal
  • Killer Changes
    • The good Guy – Batteries Included perk no longer deactivates when all gens are completed
    • Trickster – Knife throws (regular and Main Event) buffed, Laceration decay to 15 seconds (from 10)
  • Bug Fixes

  • Re-enabled Flashlight items and Perks Residual Manifest, Dramaturgy and Appraisal.
  • Batteries Included (perk): When within 12 meters of a completed Generator, you have 5% Haste. The movement speed bonus lingers for 1/3/5 seconds after leaving the Generator’s range. (Removed deactivation when all Generators are completed)
  • Decreased the base time between throws to 0.3 seconds (was 0.33)
  • Increased the Main Event throw rate multiplier to 66% (was 33%)
  • Increased the Main Event active duration to 6 seconds (was 5 seconds)
  • Reverted the time before Laceration starts decaying to 15 seconds (was 10 seconds)
  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to complete the Back-to-Back Tome 17 Challenge if getting a Good skill check or missing a skill check after getting 3 Great skill checks consecutively.
  • Bots can once again dodge special attacks.
  • Fixed an issue that caused The Mastermind picking up a Survivor on his shoulders to be misaligned for a few seconds.
  • Fixed an issue that caused The Demogorgon’s Break Pallet animation to play properly when a Survivor runs into the Pallet from the other side.
  • Fixed an issue that caused The Good Guy “Slice and Dice” hit animation to plays twice.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Survivors to become misaligned during The Good Guy carry animation attacks.
  • The Good Guy can now scamper under pallets being lifted by Any Means Necessary.
  • Fixed an issue where players could bypass the 90 degree camera lock with The Good Guy.
  • The Trickster’s Main Event can no longer trigger the Supreme Combo event multiple times per health state.
  • As seen from the Survivor point of view, Charles Lee Ray no longer jitters and lags behind while carrying The Good Guy.
  • Fixed an issue that caused The Huntress’ hatchets to become offset at launch.
  • Fixed an issue in The Nostromo Wreckage map where characters could land on debris.
  • Fixed an issue in Midwich Elementary School where characters would clip through a vault.
  • Fixed an issue in the Swamp Realm where extra collision would let characters stand.
  • Fixed an issue in The Underground Complex where characters would not be able to rescue a Survivor on a Hook.
  • Fixed occasionally missing UI elements like the Currencies information.
  • Fixed a potential crash in the Archives when hovering a Reward node.
  • Fixed a potential crash if closing the Player Profile menu too quickly after equipping a Player Card badge or banner.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Survivors to clip into a locker after being interrupted from entering one by the Killer.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Survivors to clip into lockers after using a flashlight and entering the locker simultaneously.
  • The Back-to-Back Tome 17 challenge description erroneously says “1 consecutive skill check” instead of 3.

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