Dead by Daylight July Developer Update – Survivor Disconnect Bots, Onryo Update

This month’s developer update is maybe the biggest we’ve seen in recent memory, with some major updates to the Onryo, the addition of bots for Survivors who disconnect, and a balance update to Coldwind Farms. That’s not all though — there are plenty of other Killer Updates, Perk changes, and perhaps most impactful, the removal of hook grabs. We’ve got a distilled version of the update for people who just want the highlights, or you can check out the official announcement for the complete list of changes.

DBD July Developer Update TL;DR:

  • Survivor Disconnect Bots – Players who leave will now be replaced by a bot
  • Successful Report Feedback – You’ll now receive a message if a player you reported is banned
  • The Onryo – Major adjustments, notably buffs to spreading the Condemned effect
  • Hook Grabs removed – No more grabbing Survivors who are unhooking
  • Brand New Part nerfed – Now saves 10 seconds instead of 22.5
  • Killer Perk Adjustments
    • Coup de Grâce (buff)
    • Claustrophobia (buff)
    • Hangman’s Trick (adjustment)
    • Territorial Imperative (buff)
    • Remember Me (buff)
    • Hex: Crowd Control (buff)
    • Trail of Torment (buff)
  • Survivor Perk Adjustments
    • Prove Thyself (nerf)
    • Blast Mine (buff)
    • Wiretap (buff)
    • Saboteur (buff)
    • Clairvoyance (buff)
    • Breakout (adjustment)
    • Buckle Up (buff)
    • Smash Hit (buff)
    • Spine Chill (adjustment)
  • Killer Tweaks
    • Executioner – nerf to range he can camp a cage
    • Spirit – Add-on changes
    • Hag – Add-on changes
  • Coldwind Farm Balance Update
    • Fractured Cowshed tiles nerfed for Survivors
    • Rancid Abattoir main building nerfed for Survivors
    • Updated details to corn and edge tiles
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11 months ago

I love the idea of the bots, but, can you please remove their ability to see through walls? I was testing a build with Scratch Mirror Myers and through solid walls the bots would change direction every time I did or simply rum away as I approached. They, like any other survivor, should have no idea I’m coming or which way I’m looking when there’s a solid wall between us.