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Game: Dead by Daylight
Content Type: Gaming News
Date: March 25, 2023

BHVR shared their plans for the upcoming Tools of Torment Mid-Chapter update today in a Developer Update. It covers a wide range of changes and improvements, including Bloodweb purchases, Killer updates, and an update to Autohaven Wreckers. Lots of things the community has been asking for appears in the update — plus plenty of other changes. As usual, we’ve distilled them all into an easy-to-parse list for your convenience!

Dead by Daylight March 2023 Developer Update TL;DR:

  • Bloodweb Improvements
    • Bloodweb Chain – Select a node, and the game will automatically buy all the nodes required to reach the selected node
    • Automatic Purchase – Select the new center node to automatically complete the Bloodweb (the game will prioritize Perks, then the cheapest option)
    • Press to Buy – You can now click to purchase a node (rather than having to hold it) by default — the old interaction will remain for those who want it
  • Visual Terror Radius
    • A visual indicator of the Terror Radius can be toggled in the Accessibility Options
    • The Visual Terror Radius will be modified by colorblindness settings
  • Autohaven Wreckers Map Updates
    • Blood Lodge’s main building will spawn closer to the middle of the map, maze tiles have been moved further apart from each other
    • Gas Haven’s main building will spawn closer to the center of the map; car piles will be broken up into smaller, single-tile chunks
    • Some of these changes will also affect the other Autohaven Wreckers maps, including new edge tiles and pallet spawns
  • Healing Changes
    • Healing will now take 24 seconds by default (from 16 seconds)
    • All rarity levels of medkits will have 24 charges (24 seconds of healing), and will provide different benefits based on their rarity.
    • Overpowered medkit add-ons have been nerfed
  • Perk Updates
    • Gearhead reworked
    • Overzealous buffed
    • Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance nerfed
    • Dead Hard reworked
    • Call of Brine nerfed
    • Ovecharge nerfed
    • Boon: Circle of Healing reworked
  • Killer Updates
    • The Hillbilly overheat mechanic made more forgiving
    • The Pig Medical File Add-on buffed
    • The Oni Add-Ons Blackened Toenail and Bloody Sash buffed
    • The Nightmare Add-ons Sheep Block and Unicorn Block buffed
    • The Executioner Scarlet Egg Add-on buffed
    • The Clown Pinky Finger Add-on nerfed
  • Bright Light Interactions Removal
    • Can no longer lightburn Wraith, Nurse with a flashlight
    • Can no longer scare The Artist’s crows with a flashlight
    • Can no longer remove Hag traps with a flashlight — can now disable traps with a Survivor action
  • Deep Rift and Beyond
    • Tier 70+ Deep Rift will feature unique visuals to differentiate it

You can check out the full dev update here for details, notes, and explanations for the changes coming in the mid-chapter update.

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