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Game: Dead by Daylight
Content Type: Gaming News
Date: December 15, 2021

One of the most iconic horror franchises of all time, Ringu, is finally coming to DBD. The original Japanese novel was a best-seller, and spawned multiple Japanese and English film adaptations, plus mangas, video games, and TV series. In the Ring stories, a cursed videotape kills anyone who watches it within seven days, unless they manage to show the tape to someone else before their time runs out.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a lot longer than seven days to see what the crossover entails: Chapter 23 is set to release in March 2022, and the official announcement states that we won’t get any new info on the upcoming chapter any time soon. Based on what a producer from Kadokawa (the company that owns the Ringu franchise) says in the announcement, it’s clear that the new chapter will include a Killer. This will almost certainly be Sadako Yamamura — y’know, the creepy girl with the long black hair.

BHVR Creative Director Dave Richard dropped some hints in today’s announcement that suggests the new Killer’s power will attempt to imitate the “pass-it-along” element of the tape from the Ring story:

Well, the only thing I can say is that this new chapter will leave a mark… A real heart-pounding experience. Tell a friend, or else…

It’s tough to imagine a way to implement giving other Survivors a videotape that wouldn’t entail massive griefing potential, but it would be impressive if BHVR pulls it off. The trailer includes both the sound of a ringing phone as well as the iconic well from the original story, suggesting that one or both of these elements may be a part of the new Killer’s power(s).

Are you excited that Ringu is coming to Dead by Daylight? Is there a horror franchise you’re still hoping will make its way to DBD? Let us know in the comments!

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