New Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Death Door’s Character(s)

There’s only a few days left until Death’s Door’s release on July 20th, and publisher Devolver is keeping the hype train rolling with a new gameplay trailer featuring my new favorite crow, the nameless Reaper.

This latest look includes a number of NPC interactions, which I think was a great choice. Death’s Door’s characters are one of the strongest parts of the game, with excellent dialog and unique designs. Here’s hoping we’ll see some awesome fan art soon after release.

The new trailer also does a fantastic job giving a clear and concise look at what it actually feels like to play Death’s Door. What you can see in the trailer is exactly what you’ll get when you play the game: beautiful environments, fast-paced action, and some cool environmental puzzles to boot.

If you want to learn more about Death’s Door, keep an eye out for our review, which we’ll drop as soon as the game is available on July 20th. Until then, you can always check out our interview with Mark Foster of Acid Nerve for some insights into the creation of Death’s Door!

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