Death’s Door Weapons (and Where to Find Them)

There are 5 weapons in Death’s Door, including your starting Reaper Sword. They are all usable — though the Umbrella doesn’t hit very hard — and depending on your preference or playstyle, you may find yourself swapping between them or sticking with your favorite.

Either way, you’ll need to find them first! All of the weapons are at least somewhat hidden, except for the Umbrella. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find every weapon in Death’s Door. Use the table below to help decide what weapon suits your style!

Swing Time
Reaper’s Sword
Discarded Umbrella
Rogue Daggers
Thunder Hammer
Reaper’s Greatsword

The most versatile weapon, your starting sword provides decent reach, good DPS, and respectable speed. Jack of all trades, master of none, essentially.

You can find this weapon by starting a new game, since it’s the default melee weapon. Tada!

The Rogue Daggers are the fastest weapons in the game, perfect for players who like to get up close and personal. You can interrupt attackers with the Rogue Daggers, and make up for their lack of range with their charge attack, which also includes a dash.

The Rogue Daggers can be found in the Estate of the Urn Witch. You’ll have to clear the majority of the level to reach them, so if you haven’t already done so, use our guide to make sure you find the Rogue Daggers. If you’ve already cleared that level, and just missed them:

From the Estate of the Urn Witch door, head northeast past the fountain and over the bridge. Continue northeast until you reach the double doors (which may or may not be open) and then go southeast to find the rogue daggers on the ground just through the gate. You can also reach them from the Ceramic Manor door — go southwest from the door and out the manor, then go southeast through the gate.

deaths door weapons guide rogue daggers

The Discarded Umbrella is definitely the weakest weapon, and seems to have been included as a challenge (there’s a Steam achievement that asks you to “Beat the game only ever using an umbrella as your melee weapon”). It also may have some hidden ability, but we haven’t discovered it yet!

You can find the Discarded Umbrella when you first start a new game. From the main lobby with all the desks, go up the western staircase, then continue west up the next set of stairs. One more western staircase, then you’ll see the Umbrella leaning against a lamppost.

deaths door weapons guide discarded umbrella

The Thunder Hammer is solidly in the slow but strong category of weapons. Its charged attack hits enemies in a radius around you, even if you don’t connect with any of them, making it ideal for those of you afraid of getting hit.

The Thunder Hammer is found while in the Mushroom Dungeon. You can find it by following our walkthrough, but if you’ve finished the level and still haven’t found it, here’s where to go:

From the Mushroom Dungeon door, head out the crow-sized passageway to the northwest. Continue on this path down the ladder and through the boxes, then out into the large room. Jump down the ladder and head northwest down the stairs and then over the small bridge. Climb up the ladder and then go up the stairs and climb the ladder there. You’ll enter a small room — exit it via the doorway just south of the ladder.

You’ll find yourself outside. Climb the nearby ladder and continue northeast, then climb the next ladder. Head southeast past the fountain, and push the lever to drop a ladder and open a small gate below. Jump down, then enter the crow-sized doorway you opened. Continue through the next room, then break the boxes in the following room and drop down through the hole you’ve revealed to find the Thunder Hammer.

deaths door weapons guide thunder hammer

The slowest and strongest weapon, the Greatsword is perfect for those of you who like to strike once or twice and then dodge away, or those of you who just like to wield a hunk of iron.

This weapon requires the hookshot spell as well as the bomb spell, so you can’t obtain it until you’ve completed the first half of Castle Lockstone. You can get the Greatsword by following our guide, or you can follow the directions here once you have the hookshot spell:

From the Stranded Sailor door, head north over the bridge. Then go under the wooden stairs to the northeast and use your bomb and the wall there. Head inside the hole you’ve made and hit the pink cube there (this is the first of 4 cubes we need to whack to reach the Greatsword).

Secret 1 Castle Lockstone Death's Door Walkthrough

Leave the small room and go up the stairs. Take the stairs due north of the stairs you just came up, and fire a bomb at the wall the huge stone head is facing. Head through the hole this creates, and hit the pink cube inside.

5 Castle Lockstone Death's Door Walkthrough

Exit and go back down the stairs, and head east and up the stairs there. Break the crystals and head north to rotate the camera – shoot a bomb at the wall under the gargoyle and head in. Whack the cube and then leave, heading back down the stairs

6 Castle Lockstone Death's Door Walkthrough
The path to rotate the camera

Head past the wooden stairs, and continue southwest across the small wooden bridge. Look for the two pillars against the nearby wall, and use your bomb spell on the space between them to open up a hole.

Secret Castle Lockstone Death's Door Walkthrough

Head in and hit the cube there, then exit the small room. Go back towards the Stranded Sailor, and head southwest past the wooden sign to the dock. Hook your way to the ankh to the northwest. Continue up the wooden stairs and hookshot across the water to the ankh to the northeast. Open the gate and head up the ladder to find the Greatsword.

deaths door weapons guide greatsword
Just a pull away

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2 years ago

While using the umbrella almost forces you into using a ranged build, the daggers are the best ones for such a build, as they allow you the fastest spell recharge of any weapon, clearly.

Reply to  Evarika
2 years ago

Also, while the hammer loses stats-wise to the greatsword, against crowds it performs better, regardless of attack type. It performs a chain lightning attack every time it hits an enemy, which appears to do about half the damage of the initial hit to the secondary target, as well as performing a hitstun. I’m not sure how far it chains, and if it chains more than once, how much damage it does.
Edit: This chaining attack/effect appears to be the only weapon effect that alters the Hookshot’s upgraded attack.

Last edited 2 years ago by Evarika