Death’s Door Walkthrough Part 17: Ceramic Manor/Estate of the Urn Witch (Night)

You should be back in the Hall of Doors — head to the central intersection, then stand on the eastern edge of the platform. Hookshot further east to the lamp post there, and then continue hookshotting from lamp post to lamp post. You’ll eventually reach some stairs; take ’em up, grab the Large Soul Mass and the Reaper Door collectible here, then head back the way you came.

hall of doors hookshot to collectible
Where to stand to begin your hookshot journey to the collectible

Now go up the stairs to the main lobby, and up the stairs to the west, then left up the next set of western stairs. You should be by the doors that lead to the Urn Witch’s digs — enter the door that leads to the Ceramic Manor. Head east from the door and up the eastern stairs, then go southeast into the doorway at the top of the stairs. Continue southeast through the room with the chair and exit via the southeastern doorway.

You’ll find yourself in a hallway, with an unlit brazier right next to you. Lighting it will reveal a hidden ladder — climb it, then make your way across the rafters to find the Family Photograph collectible. It can be tricky not falling off the rafters — if you’re on PC, I suggest using the keyboard for this section, since you can hold two of the WASD keys to run in a perfect diagonal. Once you have the photograph, jump down and go back the way you came, then exit the Manor by continuing southwest past the door.

brazier for secret ceramic manor deaths door walkthrough
The brazier

Once you leave the manor, head due south through the open gate (the one with an archway), then continue southwest over the small bridge. Then go southeast, and you’ll quickly run into your owl friend for the 3rd time. The owl will give you the last piece of the Ancient Tablet of Knowledge!

Continue southeast, and drop down the ladder. Take out the gold shield-knight here, then light the nearby bonfire. Head southeast, and light the bonfire there as well. Continue a bit more southeast, and you’ll see an ankh across the water — hookshot over there, then continue hookshotting until you reach the Large Soul Mass. Hookshot back to the mainland, then head southwest to the 3rd bonfire you need to light. Going northwest will find you at the final bonfire — light it, then cross the bridge that rises from the moat, and jump down the ladder to find the final Health Crystal Shrine.

third and fourth fire pit deaths door walkthrough estate of urn witch night
The third and fourth firepit you need to light

Go back up the ladder, and head back the way you came. Head northwest across the bridge once you reach the Seed Pot, then head west and then north and over the small bridge. Make your way northwest through the hedges to the small bridge, and cross it to find the pot puzzle. Before you do the puzzle, you can use your bomb spell to grab the Large Soul Mass just northeast of the puzzle.

pot puzzle deaths door walkthrough estate urn witch night

You’ve got the answer to the puzzle now in your collectibles (“Shiny Things”): If you Inspect the Old Photograph while the back of it is facing you, you’ll see the key to the puzzle. For those of you who don’t know how to read Roman numerals: I = 1, II = 2, III = 3, IV = 4, and V = 5. I suggest using the Rogue Daggers to break the pots, otherwise it can be hard not to break ones you didn’t intend to.

Note that if you mess up the puzzle, to fully reset it, just make sure you have 5 pots broken — that will reset it fully.

key to pot puzzle deaths door night walkthrough

Break the pots in the order indicated (starting with pot #1), and the tomb will open up, revealing a staircase — head down the stairs and through the passage northwest, and you’ll find Potheads garden. There’s a few pots to plant seeds in here, and you can also grab the Rusty Garden Trowel. The Trowel will glow blue during Night if a Life Seed is present in the area you’re in, so it’s a useful tool for finding the rest of the seeds.

Note the big door to the northwest — once you’ve planted all 50 Life Seeds, it will open, so we’ll be back here later!

Now we’re going to grab another collectible. Head southeast back through the tunnel under the water, and continue southeast to the main path. Then go southwest, over the bridge, down the stairs, and through the gate. If you haven’t grabbed it already, head due west from the gate and through the gap in the hedge to snag the Life Seed there.

Continue southwest, and then go southeast once you reach the fountain. Just down the stairs you’ll see a breakable wall, destroy it and grab the Large Soul Mass beyond. Then go back up the stairs, and this time go northwest once you reach the fountain. Head down the stairs, and then go west and you’ll find a gap in the hedges. Head through, and drop down the nearby ladder, then go southeast and climb up the longer ladder to grab the Large Soul Mass.

gap in hedge night deaths door walkthrough estate of urn witch
The gap in the hedge

Now go back to the bushes, and this time make your way northwest and climb the ladder there. Continue northwest and hookshot to the ankh further northwest, then do a plunging attack onto the tunnel grate, and make your way to the exit of the tunnel.

Grab the Large Soul Mass, then climb the ladder, hookshot further northeast, and once more plunge yourself into a tunnel. Follow it to the end, climb up the nearby ladder, hookshot to the next ankh, and plunge yet again into a tunnel. Once you exit this final tunnel, you’ll find a Large Soul Mass. Then continue forward and you’ll enter an arena fight. It’s pretty easy as long as you avoid the exploding pots — be calm and careful, since it’s a long hookshotting trip back here!

Continue southwest once you finish the arena fight, then northwest, and you’ll head down some stairs into a room. Under the shelves is the collectible we’re after, the Sludge Filled Urn. Grab it, then push the lever and go through the gate it opens. Head through, and you’ll find yourself back at the door. Before you head through, go down the stairs to the west, and then east and out onto the wooden dock. Hookshot to the southeast to grab a Large Soul Mass, then you can head back to dry land.

soul mass in moat deaths door walkthrough estate of urn witch night

From the wooden stairs, head due west and you’ll find a breakable wall. Destroy it with your bomb and head through, then light the four braziers in the center of this area. A gate to the southwest will open — head through and grab the Large Soul Mass. You can then head back to the door and return to the Hall of Doors.

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