Death’s Door Walkthrough Part 12: The Hall of Doors

You should be back in the Hall of Doors, after having watched a brief (and inspirational) cinematic. Say hi to some familiar faces, then grab any last upgrades you can afford from the Soul Vault. If you’re very close to being able to afford an upgrade, it’s probably worth going back through any door you want and collecting the requisite souls before you continue on.

Once you’re ready, go up the elevator in the east of the main lobby, the head north and take the first set of stairs you come across to reach the door to the Lord of Doors. Go through, then head out onto the central platform and go north. Another cinematic will play, and then the final boss fight will begin (well, sort of).

This first section is pretty easy — you can use basically the same strategy you did against Betty, where you dodge roll an attack, get a few hits in, then immediately dodge roll again. He only has a few attacks here:

Jump ‘n Punch – The Lord of Doors jumps up in the air, then slams his hands down on the ground when he lands. Roll when he is about to land, then get a few hits in, then roll again.

lord of doors jump and punch gif deaths door walkthrough

Charging Doors The Lord of Doors will float up over the arena and use finger guns to summon charging bull-doors. You can roll out of their way, or even through them. You can also just stand at the bottom of the arena and they should all should miss you.

lord of doors charging doors gif deaths door walkthrough

Once you’ve damaged him a bit, the Lord of Doors will run away through a door. Take as much time as you need to dry your hands on your pants, then follow him.

There’s a lot of little details here that would be difficult to follow in text form, so instead here’s the path I took to avoid getting hit in the first platforming section:

lord of doors bull run 1 gif deaths door walkthrough

here, the Lord of Doors will use the Jump ‘n Punch attack again — you can avoid it and reatliate the same way as last time.

Jump ‘n Pots – The Lord of Doors does the Jump ‘n Punch, but doors open and fling exploding pots at you. Luckily, you can basically do exactly what you do for his regular Jump ‘n Punch, and if you roll after attacking, the pots should miss you every time.

lord of doors jump n pots 1 gif deaths door walkthrough

Once again, do enough damage and he’ll run away through a door. Catch your breath, then follow him through.

This one might be easier than the last Bull Run. Here’s how I did it:

lord of doors bull run 2 gif deaths door walkthrough

Once again, he’ll use his Jump ‘n Punch frequently.

Pink Hop – Sorry about the name, I wasn’t sure what to call this one. The Lord of Doors will jump into the air towards you and and glow pink. When he lands, he’ll shoot out three waves of damaging pink fire. The waves are fairly consistent in the directions they head, so try to always run away from him east or west and they’ll miss you as long as you dodge away from him in one of those directions before he lands.

lord of doors pink hop 1 gif deaths door walkthrough

If you find you can’t get far enough away left or right, then just make sure you roll horizontally the moment the Lord is going to hit the ground.

Follow him when he escapes through his door.

This one can be a little tricky, but make sure you keep moving forward and you should be fine.

lord of doors bull run 3 gif deaths door walkthrough

Once again, you’ll see the Jump ‘n Punch in action, and he’ll throw in a new (but familiar) move as well.

Betty’s Roll – Just like Betty, the Lord of Doors will jump into the air, roll into a ball, then land and roll towards you. Roll perpendicular to his path to you the moment he lands and you shouldn’t take damage.

lord of doors betty roll 1 gif deaths door walkthrough

This might be the easiest one:

lord of doors bull run 4 gif deaths door walkthrough

This is the actual final boss fight. Once you reach the Hall of Doors again, it becomes your new checkpoint, so don’t worry! No re-doing parts 1-8 if you die.

Just don’t get hit! In order to do that, we’ll need to take a look at his moves and how to dodge them, as well as when it’s safe to sneak a few hits in. If he isn’t doing Jump ‘n Pots or Roll ‘n Pots, you should stand as far away from him as possible.

Jump ‘n Pots – I listed this one earlier, but it’s worth looking at it again, since it’s the move that has the clearest window where you can retaliate. Roll out of the way of his punch, and you should also end up dodging the pot. Then hit him a few times, and roll again.

lord of doors jump and pots gif deaths door walkthrough

Sometimes he’ll do his regular Jump ‘n Punch without the pots — the same principles all still apply. He’ll also sometimes try to slap you during this attack, but you shouldn’t ever be standing next to him unless you’re attacking in one of his cool-down windows after his attacks.

Roll ‘n Pots – This is Betty’s Roll again, but you’ll have to dodge the pots as well. Once the Lord of Doors hits the ground in a ball, roll perpendicular to his path to you. Try to get near his landing zone, and hit him a few times after he hits the floor.

lord of doors roll n pots gif deaths door walkthrough

Slow-mo + Pink Hop – The Lord of Doors will snap his fingers and make you go slow, and unable to roll/attack. You can still use spells, so you can get a few shots off with the bow. Then, start moving away from him, and the moment he leaps into the air, change directions to move towards him. If you do this correctly, you should avoid taking damage when he lands. Once he starts hopping, move east or west to avoid his landing. You can try to hit him when he lands, but it can be difficult.

You can also mash the attack or roll button after he slows time on you in order to break free from his spell sooner. Credit for this tip goes to EIP users Rudy A. and Scas .

lord of doors pink hop gif deaths door walkthrough

Lasers + Bull Doors – The Lord of Doors will fly up to the balcony and shoot a laser at you, while summoning Bull Doors to charge at you. This part can be stressful, since it’s pretty dang hard to see what’s going on. Run in a circle away from the laser, and roll through the Bull Doors rather than trying to avoid them. If you try to sidestep or roll around them, you might end up eating the laser, so it’s better to focus on staying ahead of the laser and rolling if a Bull Door looks like it’s going to hit you.

lord of doors lasers and bull doors gif deaths door walkthrough

Explosion – Occasionally, the Lord of Doors will summon a pink orb in front of him, which explodes after a brief delay. If you see this happening, get as far away as possible, and wait for the explosion to go off.

lord of doors explosion gif deaths door walkthrough

Once he’s down, you’ll see another cinematic, and find yourself in the Camp of the Free Crows. You beat the game! That being said, there’s lot’s more Death’s Door to explore, and if you need help doing so, we’ve got you covered.

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2 years ago

Love this Guide so much. Hope you finish this guide and add the missing parts after Part 12

Rudy A
Rudy A
2 years ago

Thanks for the guide!! Wanted to mention, when he does his slow time attack, you can mash the buttons to break free.

Rudy A
Rudy A
Reply to  DanielD
2 years ago

I just went to town on the controller but hey it worked. Unfortunately, I didn’t fight the silver servants so I don’t know if this applies.

Reply to  DanielD
2 years ago

You can mash X or A on xbox during silent servant fights to free yourself of that slow down effect. A dashes after you free yourself, so X might be a safer choice.

2 years ago

Thanks for all the guides. I was stuck in a couple of places for more than 30 min and this helped me a lot.