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If you’ve been following our walkthrough the whole time, you should only have one Ancient Tablet left to collect: the one you get from Pothead’s garden in the Estate of the Urn Witch. There are also two collectibles we still haven’t snagged, so we’ll do that in this guide as well.

Opening the door in Pothead’s garden isn’t easy, however — you’ll have to collect and plant all 50 Life Seeds in the game. Once again, if you’ve been following our guide, you should have found every Life Seed. You should also have the Rusty Garden Trowel, which will glow blue if there’s a Life Seed left to grab in the area you’re in (as long as it’s currently Night). It can be hard to tell if the trowel is glowing, so here’s a comparison:

glowing and not glowing trowel deaths door walkthrough
The trowel on the left is glowing

Note: You may be missing a single Life Seed, which I missed in the first published version of Part 9: Castle Lockstone. Sorry! Head to behind the reaper door you opened with the 4 souls in the Castle and break the boxes, and you’ll find your missing seed.

If there’s enough demand for it, we may publish a guide on the location of all the Life Seed Pots, but for now, I’ll just give a few tips:

Most of the pots are on the normal path through the game. There are a few “hidden” ones, mostly in the rooms containing the doors that lead to the spell upgrade fights. You’ll know you’ve found everything in an area once the door leading to that area in the Hall of Doors no longer glows pink:

door glowing or not deaths door walkthrough night
The area the left door leads to has been cleared, while there’s still a collectible, life seed, pot, or Large Soul Mass to find in the area the right door leads to

Since you’ll have to find everything, and not just the Seed Pots, to stop a door from glowing, make sure you grab everything you come across in order to confirm when you’re done with an area. There are a handful of Large Soul Masses behind broken doors or accessible via the hookshot that weren’t covered in the walkthrough, because it would have required a lot of backtracking.

Once you’ve grabbed the Trowel, you can also head back to where you found it and talk to Pothead — he’ll give you a hint as to where the empty pots are.

reap what you sow achievement deaths door walkthrough

Once you’ve planted all 50 seeds, you’ll get an achievement letting you know — you can also check your progress by heading to the door in Pothead’s garden, as green squares light up above the door to indicate each seed you’ve planted.

With all 50 seeds planted, head to the Estate of the Urn Witch, and from the door, go northeast across the bridge. Once you cross the bridge, head northwest once you pass the wooden sign (you’ll have to break the 3 pots to pass through), then continue northwest to find the Pot Puzzle and the path through the tomb that leads to Pothead’s garden. Make your way all the way northwest (you’ll have to go up the stairs to either side of the garden) and the door there will open.

final green door deaths door walkthrough

Enter and grab the final Ancient Tablet of Knowledge, then return to the Hall of Doors (say hi to Pothead before you leave if you like).

To grab the final collectible, you’ll need to head back to the Forest of Lost Spirits, where your journey began. The door to the Forest is unlabeled sometimes, but it’s next to the Lost Cemetery door, in the middle of the balcony overlooking the main lobby of the Hall of Doors.

Once in the Forest of Lost Spirits, head southeast through the open gate, and continue southeast and then down the stairs. Stand in the gap in the wall there, and you’ll see an ankh to the south that you can hookshot to.

last collectible deaths door lost forest walkthrough

Hookshot across, then go east and down the stairs to find a Makeshift Soul key. You can now go back the way you came, and return to the Hall of Doors.

From the Hall of Doors, return to the Camp of the Free Crows. Then, from the door, head northwest and then climb the ladder you come across. Continue northwest, and you’ll come to an elevator. There’s a breakable wall hidden in a keyhole shaped block behind the elevator — destroy it, and head through to find the Shiny Medallion collectible sitting on a bench.

keyhole breakable wall deaths door walkthrough

Now head back southeast, jump down the ladder, and continue southeast and then through the doorway to enter the Free Crow Camp. Head northeast to the altar there, and you’ll have the option to interact with the door-shaped stone in the middle of the altar. Do so, and head on through the room beyond, and you’ll be treated to some backstory, and the game’s “true” ending.

Author’s note: The ending of this guide is bittersweet for me. It’s been a lot of work, but Death’s Door is a wonderful game, and it’s been incredibly satisfying helping fellow gamers get through it. I hope this walkthrough was helpful! I also want to express my appreciation for everyone who commented with secrets, suggestions, or just to say thanks. Hearing from all of you has been the best part of working on this guide.

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1 month ago

Thank you very much for this wonderful guide Daniel. It helped a lot to avoid frustration when looking for a few things I missed and saved me a bunch of time. This is by far the best Death’s Door walkthrough on the entire internet.

1 month ago

I just wish this guide talked about the achivements for doing certain interactions with 2 of the bosses and the umbrella achivement as well as the metal detecor achivement. Gotta redo the game to get these 4 achivements now.
Other than that, great guide! 🙂

1 month ago

Thanks. Great guide.

30 days ago

Hey! I just wanted to say Thank You! for making this guide! It was really helpful!

7 days ago

Daniel, your guide is incredible, since I found it, I have been using it. Thank you for your dedication and congratulations because the guide is exceptional

4 days ago

Wonderful guide. Thanks for everything.

Patrick Schweigert
Patrick Schweigert
17 days ago

Thanks a ton for this Guide Dan! It really enhanced my experience with the game, and I really appreciate all your hard work!

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