Death’s Door Walkthrough Part 16: Overgrown Ruins/Flooded Fortress (Night)

You should be in the Overgrown Ruins, with the squid Jefferson on your back (if you aren’t and/or have no idea what that means, head to Part 15 of our walkthrough). Hop off the gondola, and head west through the broken stone archway, then drop down both ladders.

towards the avarice chest deaths door walkthrough
Towards the Avarice chest

You’ll see a chest similar to the ones that you entered to gain your spells. Continue southwest to to find the ladder that leads up to the chest.

As soon as you stand up, if you’ve upgraded your bomb spell, select it — there will be a mob of enemies spawning. Otherwise, your flame spell is probably your best bet. Try to kite the enemies that spawn, and take out the archer who spawns to the southwest.

avarice chest deaths door part 1

This wave is straightforward, if challenging. Equip your bow, and immediately shoot an arrow at each fire mage — if you’re quick enough, they’ll spin and teleport instead of creating their wall of flames. Focus on eliminating the fire mages (continuing to shoot them with your bow when they appear), then take on the thicc-knight. His attacks are slow; roll to stay behind him, and attack him from the rear.

avarice chest deaths door part 2

The flame spell will be helpful here, especially if you’ve upgraded it. You should try to kite the enemies — the large spider-crab things will chase you, while the shield-knight will throw bombs. As long as you keep moving, the bombs shouldn’t be hard to avoid. Once you take out the spiders, kill the shield knight by attacking and then rolling away right after.

avarice chest deaths door part 3

This part can be intimidating, but if you stay calm, it isn’t too tricky. A whoooole lot of mages will spawn. Focus the green mages when possible, as they have the hardest-to-avoid spells. Don’t forget you can deflect the projectiles from the other mages!

avarice chest deaths door part 4

Once you defeat the final wave, the chest will spit you out, and after a brief cinematic, an Ancient Tablet of Knowledge will appear on the ground where the chest was. Grab it, then hop down and head northeast back up the two ladders.

Head through the broken stone archway and then go north and under the wooden ramp. Stand at the gap in the wall, and hookshot northwest. Continue hookshotting to the next ankh until you can use your bow on the cone sitting in the wall.

overgrown ruins night deaths door walkthrough

Walk northwest on the newly-appeared tiles, and use your hookshot to reach the ankh further northwest. This will begin an arena fight. This arena is pretty standard, except for the last wave, which is a thicc-knight with a huge poison hammer. The best way to deal with him is to stand far away, then hookshot+attack into him (swing your melee weapon while you’re on the hook). You can then land another hit or two, then roll perpendicularly away from him and run away. Once the poison dissipates, hookshot in and attack him again. Repeat this until he’s dead.

thicc poison knight deaths door walkthrough
You’ll know you’re doing the hookshot attack correctly if you see something like this

Once you defeat the poison thicc-knight, a series of vine ladders will become accessible to the northeast. Take them up, then go northwest, and continue northeast to find a Magic Crystal shrine — this should give you your 6th and final magic energy point! Now go back the way you came and continue southeast through the plants to find a Large Soul Mass. Drop down onto the gondola platform, then head northeast through the large open gate.

Continue northeast until you reach a campfire with 2 enemies by it. Defeat them, then continue northeast through the broken archway just east of the campfire. Head north from the archway and climb the ladder, then break the wall to the northwest. Continue northwest a bit and drop down where the vine ladder is, then hookshot southeast to reach the Large Soul Mass.

drop down 1 deaths door walkthrough
The drop

Then drop down, and climb up the ladder again. This time, head northeast past the orange flower, and climb the ladder you come to. Continue northeast, head through the open gate and climb the first ladder, then go northeast past the orange flower and up the ladder (you’ll be heading the opposite way the wooden sign is pointing). Instead of climbing up the next ladder, go northwest and then southwest, then stand in the gap in the wall to hookshot to the ankh to the southwest. Hookshot once more to the northwest, then drop down and grab the Large Soul Mass.

hookshot to soul mass 2 deaths door walkthrough
The first ankh

Drop down and head east to climb the ladder by the wooden sign again, and this time continue up the next ladder. Go northwest, then southwest at the broken down wagon, and just past the orange flower, you’ll be able to take the vine ladder up. Head northeast a little ways, and you’ll find the owl again, hoo will give you the second tablet fragment.

Head back the way you came, and when you reach the wooden sign, head due south and jump down by the vine ladder (1). Continue south and up the stairs to find a secret ladder (2) — climb it, then hookshot southwest a few times and you’ll be able to drop down from an ankh and grab the Malformed Seed Collectible.

Continue south and drop down by the vine ladder there, and you’ll see two breakable walls. The one to the northwest blocks access to a Large Soul Mass, while the northeastern one will let you head into the Mushroom Dungeon.

doorway 1 deaths door walkthrough overgrown ruins night
To the dungeon

Inside, you’ll find another breakable wall, guarded by a plant. Destroy the plant and the wall, then head through. Grab the Large Soul Mass in the next room, then drop through the hole there to find yourself in the Mushroom Dungeon proper. Head northwest, then enter the next doorway you come across (the one near the 3 enemies).

Continue northeast through the next room, and you’ll see a breakable wall in the northwest corner of the room. Destroy it and head through. You’ll have to break another wall in the next area, then continue through the locked gate (you should have a spare key) and grab the Corrupted Antler collectible.

Now go back the way you came, and then follow the wooden sign and head southeast through the doorway. Continue southeast through and out the doorway in the next room to reach the Flooded Fortress. Continue forward (there’s only one way, which will take you mainly southeast). You’ll soon come across a glowing blue bridge decorated with moon symbols — this, naturally, is the path we want to follow!

moon bridge flooded fortress night deaths door walkthrough 1

Continue forward on the moon-bridge — you’ll have to hookshot a few times, and at one point use your bow to hit a pink cone to reveal the way forward. Eventually, you’ll reach a pink cone at a dead end — hookshot over to the ankh to the northwest, then continue east:

fork in path flooded fortress night deaths door walkthrough

Go up the ladder, then make your way forward, hookshotting where necessary, and you’ll eventually drop down a ladder. Cross one last bridge and you’ll find an open area with a raised moon symbol. Interact with it, and watch the cinematic! Once it’s done, an Ancient Tablet of Knowledge will sit where the shrine was — grab it, then you can quit to the title screen to make your way quickly back to the door, and then to the Hall of Doors.

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