Death’s Door Walkthrough Part 11: Death’s Door

You should be in the Hall of Doors, in front of the door to Betty’s Lair. Head east and down the stairs, then go northeast up the stairs to the main lobby, and west and up the staircase to reach the door that leads to the Lost Cemetery. Head on through when you’re ready.

A Collectible, the Bow Upgrade, and a few Large Soul Masses

Note that you may have already done all of this if you went for the bow upgrade as soon as it was available.

Once in the Lost Cemetery, head south and enter the nearby doorway. Use your flame spell to clear the cobwebs, then jump down the hole. Go down the stairs, then fight your way east through the eggs and up the stairs. Head through the next set of eggs, then go stand on the end of the wooden walkway and light the brazier. Drop down and grab the Large Soul mass, then head around the coffins to reach the doorway in the northwest of the room and head through.

20210718185430 1

Clear the way to the Large Soul Mass and grab it, then fight through the eggs to the ladder and climb it. Light the braizer across the room, then hop down and exit through the now-open gateway to the northwest (use a Life Seed in the pot before you go through if you need some hp, there’s an arena fight coming up.

You’re a pro now, so this arena fight should be easy. Once you finish, head up the stairs to the west and light the brazier, then climb the ladder that drops and exit via the doorway to the southeast. Go up the stairs and then through the wide doorway to the northeast.

20210718185811 1

In the next room, stand on the western side of the room and use your bomb spell to break the wall in front of the firepit there. Then make sure you have at least 2 energy, and then use your flame spell to light the firepit you just revealed. Then quickly switch to your hookshot and hook to the middle ankh, then to the southeastern one, and swap back to flame spell to light the 2nd firepit. Then head through the gate this opened.

You’ll find a doorway with a bow icon above it. Entering will begin a mini-boss fight, which will upgrade your bow ability if you win. Given that the bow isn’t super useful in the last few fights, this is more for fun than anything, so if you struggle to beat it, feel free to skip it and/or come back later. Win or lose, leave the room with the bow-door and head southeast to leave, then continue southeast through the next room and out the doorway.

Go slow into the next room, and instead of dropping off the ledge right away, head southeast a bit and drop down on the other side of the coffins.

20210718195154 1

Head through the doorway there and grab the Old Compass collectible, then drop down and go up the ladder to the east. Grab the Large Soul Mass and then push the lever, and go through the gate it opens. You’ll find yourself back outside in the cemetery; you can use your look key to see the door to the left — make your way back to the door by going south and then northeast.

From the door, go northeast up the stairs and continue northeast through the open gate. Climb the ladder, then go north and climb the next ladder. Head northeast and then east and up the next ladder you see, then head northeast and up the four flights up stairs. Cross the small bridge and go up one more staircase, then head northeast out onto the plateau with the old crow. A cinematic will play, and then a boss fight will begin.

It’s important to keep in mind during this fight what the Grey Crow said to you before you entered Death’s Door: “You’re a much stronger Reaper than I… I could have never taken down those Giant Souls alone”. You got this!

The Grey Crow has a pretty funky series of attack patterns, as well as a weird quirk: every time you hit him, he’ll spawn a black smoky crow head that will follow you. You can deflect these, and they’re pretty slow, so they usually don’t pose a problem. You can even use them to damage the Grey Crow sometimes.

grey crow crow head deaths door walkthrough

It’s also important to know that this arena is infinite, so you can run in any direction that’s safe at any time. This will also be an important concept to keep in mind for Phase 2, when you’ll have to vacate the scene of some of his attacks completely.

If you don’t greed attacks while he’s in front of you, it should be fairly easy to avoid damage during this phase. Here are his attacks:

Leap Strike – The Grey Crow leaps into the air, then dives for you beak-first. Dodge roll once he starts plunging to avoid, and if you can get close to him while he’s recovering, you can sneak a few hits in.

grey crow leap attack deaths door walkthrough

Charge Attack – He’ll run at you on all fours, dodge roll to the side when he gets close, and stick near to him to get attacks in while he goes past and starts turning around — this is the best and safest time to attack him (excluding ranged attacks or deflecting the crow heads into him).

grey crow charge attack deaths door walkthrough

Hookshot Attack – The Grey Crow will hookshot towards you and off the screen. Then, a chain (or two) will come across the screen, and after a delay, the Grey Crow will fly across the path of the chain. This repeats a few times. Simply run/roll out of it’s path in any direction that’s safe. This is also a good opportunity to clear any of the crow heads that are chasing you. He’ll do his Leap Strike at the end of this attack.

grey crow chain attack deaths door walkthrough

He’ll do all of his attacks from Phase 1, plus some fun new stuff.

Hookshot Attack v2 – Like the Phase 1 attack, now with more chains! Pick a direction and roll until they stop. If they’re crossing, head towards the “v” that’s formed, if they’re parallel, run perpendicular to their path. He’ll do his Leap Strike at the end of this attack.

grey crow chain attack v2 head deaths door walkthrough

Black Hole – The crow coughs up a cosmic crow-ball which sucks you towards it. This is easy to deal with — roll/run away from it until it’s off the screen and you aren’t being pulled toward it anymore.

grey crow black hole deaths door walkthrough

Mini Crows – The crow coughs out a bunch of little crows that follow you and attempt to cling to you. If enough latch on, you’ll be slowed considerably. Run/roll away from them and then hit them with your weapon when you have a moment to do so.

grey crow mini birds deaths door walkthrough

After you defeat the Grey Crow, another cinematic will play, and you’ll find yourself back in the Lost Cemetery. You can make your way back to the door here, or you can simply open the menu and Exit to the Title Screen, then start your saved game again — this will bring you right back to the door, and is faster than walking. Either way, enter the door and return to the Hall of Doors.

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