Dead by Daylight’s Supermassive Single Player Spinoff Revealed at TGA

The Game Awards just gave us our first look at the Supermassive single player spinoff of Dead by Daylight that was first revealed to be in the works back in May.

The game, titled “The Casting of Frank Stone” is now available to wishlist on Steam, and there’s quite a bit of info on the store page. Frank Stone’s “blood-soaked legacy… looms over Cedar Hills”, a town that the game will clearly have you explore, mainly during spooky, rain-drenched evenings. The description of the game makes it clear that this is another classic Supermassive game, narrative-driven and with a plot that can change based on your decisions.

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The game looks to feature a new cast of characters, rather than Dead by Daylight originals

Despite being relatively long, the TGA trailer (which you can also see on the Steam page) didn’t reveal much, and now we’ve got a lot of question: who is Frank Stone? Will we see any familiar characters from Dead by Daylight? How similar to other Supermassive titles will Frank Stone end up being? It doesn’t have the Dark Pictures Anthology prefix, so this is separate from the previous Supermassive games — although it is clearly in the same vein genre-wise.

The release of this game also begs the question of whether or not the characters that appear in The Casting of Frank Stone will end up in Dead by Daylight. It seems like an obvious choice to get some crossover fans, but only time will tell.

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