Nicolas Cage Will be a Survivor in Dead by Daylight — Summer Game Fest Reveal

Nicolas Cage is making his video game debut in Dead by Daylight this summer, and now we know that he’ll be playing the role of a Survivor! His character will be a “heightened, exaggerated version” of himself who thinks he’s on his way to a film set but instead wakes up in the Entity’s world. In the announcement video below, Cage says that “somebody very important” in his family is a fan of the game, and expresses excitement about the game’s teamwork element and the chance to do something new and different.

Cage’s appearance is followed by a gameplay video showing his character performing familiar Survivor actions such as repairing a generator. We don’t know yet what his unique perks will be. While short, the video is more substantial than the teaser video that was released last month.

This new chapter of Dead by Daylight comes out on July 25th, but there will be a public test build available on July 5th. Public test builds are usually available for about a week.

How to Access Public Test Build in Steam

  • Right-click Dead by Daylight in your Library
  • Go to Properties
  • Click Betas
  • Select Public Test

Here’s the full video reveal! (Go to 4:20 if you just want to see the gameplay.)

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