Nicolas Cage is Coming to Dead by Daylight

The internet is full of pranks, Rick Rolls, and other misdirects. So when we first saw that there was a “Nicolas Cage” Dead by Daylight teaser, obviously we were confident it was a joke. But it isn’t April 1st, the teaser is from the official DBD channel — and there’s a high quality 3D render of Nicolas Cage in the trailer.

It seems clear that this is not a joke, and Nicolas Cage is really coming to Dead by Daylight. The only question is whether he’ll be a Killer or Survivor; while we’re leaning towards the latter, Cage has played plenty of villainous (or at least morally ambiguous) characters in his long and storied career, so there’s no way to know until BHVR gives us more info on July 5th.

There are some interesting — and perhaps questionable — lore implications here as well. Since Nicolas Cage is a real person, the Entity drawing him into its realm suggests a few different possibilities: the world of the Entity is the same world as ours; the Entity can draw people from worlds both real and imagined; Nicolas Cage is such a prolific actor he appears in other game worlds by sheer strength of ubiquity.

Let us know your thoughts on Nicolas Cage coming to Dead by Daylight, or your own wild theories on what his presence in the Entity’s realm means, in the comments!

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