Alien is Coming to Dead by Daylight

The long-awaited and often-speculated crossover is finally here — well, the announcement is, anyway. A new teaser just dropped on the official Dead by Daylight YouTube channel, and it doesn’t beat around the bush with subtle hints. Instead, we get shots of what is almost certainly the interior of the USCSS Nostromo (the ship from the original Alien movie), and a brief view of the titular Alien before it lunges at the camera.

While everyone has their own favorite monster or villain they want to see in Dead by Daylight, the Alien feels like one of the options to which everyone nods their head and goes “Yeah, that would work”. It feels like at least once a year we get to see an Alien Killer concept or two on Reddit, likely because the monster is such a natural fit for the game.

There are no hints of a Survivor in the teaser, but having a Survivor version of Ripley would be a natural choice for the DLC — and be pretty darn awesome. The teaser lists August 8th as the date we’ll get more information, so it’s very likely we’ll find out in a week whether or not the Alien DLC will include a Survivor. Let us know what you think Alien coming to DBD in the comments below!

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