New Dead by Daylight Modifier “Lights Out” Removes Loadouts, Light

The Entity’s realm changes today – after years of only having one game mode, Dead by Daylight’s first “modifier” has finally arrived. Modifiers change the way the game is played, perhaps not to the point of them truly being new game modes, but with enough modifications that it should feel like a fairly new experience. The first, “Light’s Out”, is now available – and it works pretty much how it sounds.

Here are the changes in the Dead by Daylight Modifier Lights Out:

  • No loadouts – No perks, items, offerings, or add-ons
  • Killers don’t have a Terror Radius
  • Survivors don’t leave scratch marks
  • Maps are darker, pool limited to Ormond, Treatment Theatre, Family Residence, Shattered Square
  • Special Event Tome for the Modifier

The modifier runs February 7th, 11 AM ET – February 14th, 11 AM ET

Today’s update also brings a couple outfits for Alan Wake, including a full reskin that turns Alan into Rose Marigold. Check out the full update announcement for more info!

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