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hogwarts legacy beast locations featured image

Beast Locations – Hogwarts Legacy

With a huge map and dozens of Beast dens, finding all of them can be a real challenge for even the most determined player. Fortunately, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of every den so you can focus on the…

hogwarts legacy shiny beasts featured image

Shiny Beasts – Hogwarts Legacy

While capturing Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy, you may come across some with a unique color or a star by their name. These are shiny Beasts, who function identically to normal Beasts but are significantly more rare. They serve as a…

hogwarts legacy beasts guide featured image

Beasts – Hogwarts Legacy

Collecting and caring for the Beasts of Hogwarts Legacy is an important part of upgrading your gear. In total there are 13 Beasts available in-game, with three of them available as mounts. Capturing Beasts requires the completion of The Elf,…

hogwarts legacy broom flying featured image

Hogwarts Legacy Brooms

Flying a broom is one of the most exciting aspects of Hogwarts Legacy, partially because of how large the in-game map is but mostly because it feels very cool to fly around on one. However, there’s a lot to consider…

hogwarts legacy interior decorating featured image

Interior Decorating – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

Professor Weasley and Deek want to show off some more features and decorating options available in the Room of Requirement. Speak with Professor Weasley Travel to the Room of Requirement by fast travelling through the secret areas section of the…

hogwarts legacy spell combination practice 2 featured image

Spell Combination Practice 2 – Hogwarts Legacy

Even dueling champions still need spell practice. Lucan Brattleby has another spell combination test to hone your battle skills. Talk to Lucan Brattleby To get started, you’ll have to talk to Lucan in the clock tower. If he is not…

hogwarts legacy professor sharp assignment 1 featured image

Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1 – Hogwarts Legacy

In order to continue hunting Ranrok, you’ll have to continue building your spell vocabulary. Professor Sharp wants to help you learn Depulso, the Banishing Charm, but he needs you to do some tasks first. Professor Sharp has assigned you to…

hogwarts legacy beginner tips featured image

Hogwarts Legacy Beginner Tips

Joining a world as extensive as Hogwarts Legacy can be overwhelming when you first start playing. There are so many spells to cast, quests to start, and puzzles to solve! Below, we’ll go over some tips and tricks for Hogwarts…

spell combinatino practice 1 featured image hogwarts legacy

Spell Combination Practice 1 – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

This walkthrough will go over completing the first spell combination practice during Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1. If you need a refresher on combat mechanics, check out our guide on them here. Speak with Lucan again — if you’ve already done…