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Strategy game enthusiast, especially Paradox titles and the Civilization series. Whenever he's not writing he spends his time watching sports, enjoying coffee, or studying history.

The Officer Corps in Hearts of Iron IV

No Steps Back and the Barbarossa update introduced a new way to specialize your military with the Officer Corps. This powerful tool allows you to manage your high command, generals, and doctrines in one location. The main benefit of the…

Geralt in the Whispering Hillock Quest in The Witcher 3

The Whispering Hillock – The Witcher 3

In order to find more information about Ciri, you have been sent to Downwarren to perform a task for the Crones of Crookback Bog. After speaking to the ealdorman head to the southeast towards the Whispering Hillock. Proceed to the…

Geralt in the Wandering in the Dark Quest in The Witcher 3

Wandering in the Dark – The Witcher 3

The hunt for Ciri continues with Keira Metz as you delve into elven ruins together looking for her. Not long after entering the ruins, you will encounter members of the Wild Hunt. In an effort to catch up to them…

Tank Designer Guide Featured Image

Hearts of Iron IV Tank Designer Guide

With the release of the No Steps Back DLC, Paradox released a completely overhauled tank designer that allows virtually unlimited customizability for your armored units. The new designer can look daunting at first glance, but I will be breaking down…

nuclear bombs in Hearts of Iron IV

How to Use Nukes in Hearts of Iron IV

Nuclear weapons are a weapon option that appears towards the end of a typical Hearts of Iron IV game. All things considered, Nukes are pretty weak in Hearts of Iron IV and won’t really help you win wars. But, if…


A Princess in Distress – The Witcher 3

After talking to the Pellar you will be tasked with bringing him his goat, Princess. Head directly to the marker on your map and use your Witcher senses to listen for a goat bleating. You should be able to quickly…

Featured Image for the Imperial Audience Quest in the Witcher 3

Imperial Audience – The Witcher 3

Upon arrival in Vizima you are prepared for your audience with the emperor himself, Emhyr var Emreis. If you did not import a Witcher 2 save but chose to simulate one, you will make those decisions now. Once you are…