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Strategy game enthusiast, especially Paradox titles and the Civilization series. Whenever he's not writing he spends his time watching sports, enjoying coffee, or studying history.
hearts of iron 4 best plane design featured image

Hearts of Iron IV Best Plane Designs

Dominating the air is vital to winning the war on land in Hearts of Iron IV. Air superiority and close air support provide numerous direct benefits to troops on the ground, while strategic bombers can cripple enemy industry. By Blood…

hogwarts legacy easter eggs featured image

Easter Eggs – Hogwarts Legacy

Just like any book or movie to video game adaptation, there’s plenty of Easter Eggs to be found in Hogwarts Legacy. From the smallest detail to an entire main story quest, here’s a list of references to the Harry Potter…

hoi challenges featured image

Paradox Announces Hearts of Iron Challenges

Today Paradox announced a new event on the Hearts of Iron Discord called HOI Challenges. Every two weeks they will reveal a new challenge for players to take on in exchange for DLC rewards. To keep up to date with…

hogwarts legacy infamous foes featured image

Infamous Foes – Hogwarts Legacy

Throughout the highlands of Hogwarts Legacy, there are enemies to fear that are stronger than the typical poacher or Ashwinder. Infamous Foes are bosses that you can find scattered throughout the world and during quests. If you’re craving a challenge…

hogwarts legacy finishing touches featured image

Finishing Touches Achievement – Hogwarts Legacy

One of the rarest achievements in Hogwarts Legacy is Finishing Touches, requiring you to use Ancient Magic on every enemy in the game. Fortunately, every enemy doesn’t actually mean every enemy, just the ones that we can find outside of…

hogwarts legacy spell combos featured image

Spell Combos – Hogwarts Legacy

Combining spells into different combos is an integral part of combat in Hogwarts Legacy. Casting random spells willy-nilly might be the easiest option, but it’s not very effective. A well put-together spell combo will help you output more damage and…