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best air doctrines featured image

Best Air Doctrines – Hearts of Iron IV

If you want to win the battle in the skies, choosing the right air doctrine is key. They provide substantial bonuses to different plane types and aerial missions that you won’t want to miss out on. In this guide, we’ll…

naval doctrines featured image

Best Naval Doctrines – Hearts of Iron IV

Choosing a naval doctrine is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in every Hearts of Iron campaign. They provide pivotal bonuses to certain aspects of your navy that can make the difference between victory and defeat. Which doctrine…

hearts of iron 4 best ship designs featured image

Best Ship Designs in Hearts of Iron IV

Introduced with the Man the Guns DLC, the ship designer completely changed the game when it comes to managing your navy in Hearts of Iron IV. Along with the designer, patch 1.6 radically altered naval combat and added naval terrain…

plane designer featured image

Hearts of Iron IV Plane Designer Guide

With the release of the Hearts of Iron IV DLC By Blood Alone, Paradox gave us the highly anticipated plane designer. Following in the footsteps of the tank and ship designers, plane customization is based around choosing a chassis and…

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Hearts of Iron IV Designer Guide

A recurring mechanic throughout Hearts of Iron IV are the various designers available in the game. While they are a core mechanic, there is almost no explanation of what to do with them once you are in the game. Hopefully,…

hearts of iron 4 by blood alone release

Hearts of Iron IV Patch 1.12: By Blood Alone DLC

On September 27th, By Blood Alone and the accompanying 1.12 patch were released. The free patch focuses on various quality of life improvements, while the DLC introduces a plane designer, several new focus trees, and an updated peace conference. By…

Hearts of Iron IV Ship Designer Featured Image

Hearts of Iron IV Ship Designer Guide

The Man the Guns DLC came with a complete overhaul of naval mechanics, including the introduction of the Ship Designer. The Designer allows you to customize ships to fit your goals and industrial budget. One of the included changes is…