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Geralt and Vesemir after the Incident.

The Incident at White Orchard – The Witcher 3

Tensions are high in White Orchard’s Inn when you arrive and talk to Vesemir. While the witchers are preparing to leave, they are attacked by bandits inside the inn. Keep in mind while fighting the bandits that parrying while they…

Supply Featured Image

How Supply Works in Hearts of Iron IV

With the No Steps Back update, managing supply lines got more complicated to say the least. Instead of just worrying about infrastructure levels and producing enough equipment, now the player has to worry about rail lines, motorization levels, and supply…

Diplomacy featured image for Hearts of Iron IV.

Hearts of Iron IV Diplomacy

In Hearts of Iron, your ability to perform diplomatic maneuvers will play a big role in how your campaigns go. Whether you are justifying a war or pushing for a neutral country to join your side, you will utilize diplomacy…

Image for Government in Hearts of Iron IV.

Hearts of Iron IV Government

Government in Hearts of Iron IV represents the internal politics of your country, while applying passive bonuses to it. The key components to your government are political power, ideas, and ideology. Political Power Think of political power as the currency…

A representation of warfare in Hearts of Iron IV,

Hearts of Iron IV Warfare

As you might expect, warfare is a massive part of Hearts of Iron IV. Countries can engage in combat with each other on land, sea, and in the air, across the entire planet. Land Warfare Most combat in the game…

Intelligence Agencies cover in Hearts of Iron IV.

What is the Intelligence Agency in Hearts of Iron IV?

With the La Résistance DLC, Paradox introduced intelligence agencies in Hearts of Iron IV. These agencies simulate the extensive espionage that existed during World War II, with a variety of options available to players who choose to use them. In…

Cover Image for Land Doctrines in Hearts of Iron IV.

Which Land Doctrines to Use in Hearts of Iron IV

Outside of creating strong divisions, choosing the right land doctrine is the most impactful decision you can make about your armies effectiveness. Land doctrines are technology trees that allow you to specialize the strategies your army uses. Which doctrine you…

World Tension Graphic in Hearts of Iron IV

What is World Tension in Hearts of Iron IV?

The mechanic that drives most international action in Hearts of Iron IV is World Tension. World Tension is meant to reflect the heating up of relations between countries, as well as the increasing fear of certain nations. World Tension operates…

The panel where laws are in Hearts of Iron IV.

Impact of Laws in Hearts of Iron IV

Internal management of your country occurs through changing laws in Hearts of Iron IV. These laws influence how ready your country is for war and help you realize the full potential of your war machine. Each law costs 150 political…