Hearts of Iron IV Tank Designer Guide

With the release of the No Steps Back DLC, Paradox released a completely overhauled tank designer that allows virtually unlimited customizability for your armored units. The new designer can look daunting at first glance, but I will be breaking down each aspect of the designer so you can get back to world-conquering.

Unlike the division designer, there is no clear button that says “Tank Designer,” to access it. In order to access the tank designer, you will have to go to the armored vehicles section of the production tab and press the yellow button next to the tank design.

A list of tank designs in Hearts of Iron 4.
Press the button on the right to access the designer.

At the top of the interface you will see areas to name the design, choose the type of vehicle, and select an icon for your design. Below this is the juicy part of the designer where you can add modules to your tank and make meaningful decisions. The top row of plus signs will allow you to choose your main armament, turret, and select four special features.

Special features can be a wide variety of additions to your tank designs. Some options include sloped armor, a dozer blade, or upgraded radios. This gives you the opportunity to develop several types of tanks for different niches you may need filled, such as adding smoke launchers to tanks you expect to use defensively.

The tank designer interface in Hearts of Iron 4.

On the bottom row you will be able to select your suspension, armor type, and engine type. Additionally, you can improve your engine or armor values on the right side of the row. Decisions here will have a significant impact on reliability and production cost, so choose wisely.

Below these options you will be able to automatically upgrade any components that have one available, create a new design automatically, and view the cost in army experience for your design.

Knowledge of the tank designer will come in handy throughout Hearts of Iron IV, regardless of scenario. With an understanding of the designer, you’ll be equipped to create designs for any situation.

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