Hearts of Iron IV Patch 1.11: Logistics Overhaul, No Step Back DLC

In the next major Hearts of Iron update, Paradox will be overhauling one of the most important mechanics in the game, logistics. Historically no military action could occur without a solid logistics system in place, but this has not been the case in Hearts of Iron 4. Up until this point it has used a simplistic approach that rarely caused problems for players.

The patch will introduce a logistical system based on supply hubs, similar to the system in Hearts of Iron 3. All supplies will flow from your capital to these hubs, where resources will be distributed to your troops. The effectiveness of these hubs will be determined by several factors, including railroads, rivers, and the level of motorization in a state. Producing an adequate amount of trucks throughout the entire game will be vital in this update, as increasing motorization takes trucks from your stockpile.

Railway system in Patch 1.11 for Hearts of Iron IV

Paradox has made it clear they want to shake up the long-standing combat meta of 40/20 width divisions. To reach this goal combat width in provinces has been changed across the board, with less emphasis on multiples of ten. For example, urban provinces will have a width of 96 while mountain provinces will be at 75. With fewer numbers based on ten combat promises to be more dynamic with a reduced emphasis on generalist divisions that do everything. 

The next DLC for Hearts of Iron, No Step Back, will be released alongside Patch 1.11. Paradox has made it clear it will be emphasizing the eastern front in this DLC. Several countries in Eastern Europe will be receiving overhauled focus trees, including Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and the Soviet Union. 

No Step Back will also feature Mulberry Harbors, a way to make naval invasions a bit more nuanced. Previously players would only be able to land naval invasions on opposing harbors; otherwise the invasion would fail due to lack of supply. With No Step Back, you will be able to invest in a mobile harbor that will be placed near the naval invasion point and serve as a supply hub for your forces. 

Paradox is also introducing a new tank designer, similar to the ship designer from the Man the Guns DLC. It is a much deeper system than the previous one, allowing players to switch fuel types, add additional guns, and remove components to improve speed. 

Tank designer in the No Step Back DLC for Hearts of Iron IV

The DLC and accompanying game patch are expected to be released later this year.

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