A preview of the image designer in Hearts of Iron IV.
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While there are limitless possibilities to how you can design your divisions in Hearts of Iron IV, there are a limited amount of practical ones. Below, I’ll walk you through the most optimal division templates in the game, discussing their purpose and when to use them.

If you aren’t familiar with the division designer, be sure to check out our guide on it to acclimate yourself with the interface.

Infantry templates will be the largest part of most armies and are great to use if you have limited industrial capacity. While they have limited offensive capabilities compared to some other types of divisions, they are excellent for plugging in gaps and holding lines.

Pairing infantry and artillery has been a classic combination since the creation of cannons. Below are images of 20 width and 40 width templates; whichever one you use is up to your discretion. For the support companies use support artillery and engineers, giving the division additional defensive bonuses and soft attack.

A 20 width infantry division in Hearts of Iron IV.
The 20 width division
A 40 width infantry division in Hearts of Iron IV.
The 40 width division.

The most powerful force on the battlefield in Hearts of Iron IV are the tanks. There are several types of tanks which can fill several roles, so you should evaluate your situation and choose a type of tank accordingly.

Each tank comes with different pros and cons, as demonstrated below.

Pros: Light tanks are the fastest tank, making them great for encirclements and quickly taking objectives.

Cons: Weak weapons and low armor limit their effectiveness in pitched battles, especially against armored opponents.

Pros: These tanks possess solid armor and speed, making them a jack of all trades in the tank world.

Cons: They are not particularly good at any one thing.

Pros: Strong armor and weapons, excellent for extended battles and batting through fortified areas.

Cons: Heavy tanks are very slow, getting encirclements with them will be virtually impossible.

Armored divisions are indispensable when it comes to the offensive part of the battle. Armored divisions have excellent attack values and are usually more mobile.

This is the basis for any armored division you want to create. While it is 40 width, you could potentially make it a 20 width division by making it 4 motorized units and 6 tank units. Any tier of tank can be utilized according to the situation, although you should substitute motorized infantry for mechanized if you decide to use heavy or super-heavy tanks. The support companies you use will be recon cavalry, support artillery, and an engineering company.

A 40 width tank division in Hearts of Iron IV.
A 40 width armored division.

This is similar to the base template except two self-propelled artillery units will substitute three of the tanks. This adds additional soft attack at the expense of being significantly more expensive. Generally this will only be practical in the late game.

A 40 width armored template with self propelled artillery in Hearts of Iron IV.
A 40 width tank division with self-propelled artillery substituted.

By using these templates you will be dominate on the battlefield in Hearts of Iron IV. While there are other divisions with some niche uses, these will be the basis of your army throughout your campaigns.

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red steak
red steak
3 months ago

Which infantry division is 20 width and 40 width? one is covered and the other is 28.8 width so I don’t know which is which.

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