A Princess in Distress – The Witcher 3

Uma’s Curse

Wild Hunt

After talking to the Pellar you will be tasked with bringing him his goat, Princess. Head directly to the marker on your map and use your Witcher senses to listen for a goat bleating. You should be able to quickly find the goat, although the real challenge is bringing her back home.

Use the bell the Pellar gave you to lure Princess towards you and begin leading her back to the hut. Be sure to pick any fruits or plants you see on your way to avoid her becoming distracted. If she does get distracted, use the bell again and she will resume following you. If you would prefer not to do that, you could also repetitively use the Axii sign on her to coax the goat into following you.

A picture of the goat being held by the pellar in the Witcher 3.

When you get close to the hut, Princess will sprint in the opposite direction as a bear attacks you. It is best to try to dodge the bear’s attacks and only strike behind or at the flanks. Defeat the bear and then find the goat to lure her back home. Once you talk to the Pellar the quest will end and you will return to Family Matters.

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